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Testosterone vs. Prozac (and Pot)

I have been on prozac for probably four years now.  I am now almost 26 y.o.  I have not noticed a change in my libido since i was about 18(when i became sexually active).  It has never been an astounding mojo, but I have enjoyed life, just the same.  
Recently my doctor was made aware that I am a chronic marijuana smoker.  She immediately wanted to run tests on my testosterone levels.  the results came back and she said they were very low, that i was on the verge of irreversible damage.  
My questions: Damage from what??  Could it be the marijuana?? (1.5 grams/day)  Could it be the Prozac??  (60mg/day)
and WHAT OTHER  factors could play into low testosterone?  

p.s. I am aware that drug and alcohol use inhibits testosterone production.  I used to be an abuser, but have not binge drank or used illicit drugs in over 18 months.  

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i would say its the prozac!
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i see that you say its the prozac, do you have any medical background or knowledge to help with your opinion?? or are you a wishful thinker such as myself.  
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