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There is a mass on my scrutom (not on testicle).

There is a mass on my scrutom (not on testicle). It's below my right testicle. https://ibb.co/QDt9cry not actual image. It bled once but not anymore. It doesnt hurt and it doesn't fell like its growing. Its been months but why is it not going away?
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Is it a soft mass? Maybe you have a varicocele, have you looked that up? It's kind of like a varicose vein in the scrotum. To check, see a urologist.
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Yes, it is soft. You might be right but I've just done a little search about varicocele and it is said that it usually appears on the left side but mine is on the right side. Also of all the symptoms that I've read about varicocele, all I have is the noticeable low sperm count. Right now, I trying to look for natural ways to treat it because I'm incredibly terrified of getting any kind (big or small) of surgery or even putting some kind of wire inside my body. Anyways, thank so so much for your answer. I was just worried that this could be a tumor or cancer.
Thank you again and God bless.
You might check with your doctor, to be sure. If a person has a varicocele its warmth can kill sperm, so having a low sperm count suggests the possibility. A varicocele doesn't always appear on the left side. Even if you find out that's what it is, you don't have to have surgery. (I don't think surgery is inevitably a "wire inside your body," either.) But finding out is worth it because at least you won't have to stew about it and fear it is cancer.

Also, if you ever have to have surgery for anything else, be sure to tell the doctor that you have surgery anxiety. He or she can prescribe you a Valium to take a few hours before coming to the hospital, and it is a big help.
Just to say, don't take the Valium a few hours before, Valium doesn't last that long.  Take it closer in time to the surgery.  My experience is, if you're there and experiencing a lot of anxiety, they give you something in the ready room that won't conflict with the benzo they use for anesthesia if you're going to be put under anyway.  Then they give you the good stuff.  Peace.

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