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There is a strange feeling in middle of my shaft almost like I have to pee.

Here's the history:

Very Stressful life for the past 4 months. Noticed about 3 months ago what I though might be a weaker than normal stream and a little bit of urgency at times but nothing significant and nothing that affected my normal everyday life. Definitely weaker than when I hear my 12 year old son peeing for sure!

Fast forward to Oct. 18th; and I'm only sharing this part because I think it may be relevant. I was lifting several couches with my wife and at one point I heard/felt a little pop in my very low spine or rear pelvic area. My spine is bad all the way from my cervical spine down through my lumbar spine. Osteophytes and degeneration galore! I expected a lot of pain the next day so I took advil right away and ended up avoiding any pain the next day in the area where the pop was felt.

BUTTTT.....a couple of days after I started feeling the need to pee frequently and it was some times followed by a little burn at the tip afterwards. The need to pee is only felt in the middle of my shaft if that makes sense. I also kept feeling like I was leaking pee but every time I checked I wasn't. The head was just cold. Then there are times that I didn't feel the urge to pee at all when I was in an intense meeting at work and had my mind off of it.

I wasn't getting up at night to pee until last week when I got up a couple of times through the week and each time I went I peed a fair amount with what seemed to be a healthy stream. My urine color has been normal throughout this process.

Anyway - I went to the doctor and here's what was checked.
Blood work - all normal - kidney functioning, complete CBC - lipase - blood sugar- everything
Urinalysis - normal - no microscopic hematuria - no white blood cells - no protein...etc...
DRE - normal - normal size, smooth and soft - he also did a fecal occult blood test to make sure there was no blood there. While you're down there you might as well be thorough - thank you!

Now lets fast forward to Wed morning of this week. I woke up feeling like someone must have been hitting my lower spine and left rear pelvis with a hammer because it felt bruised and swollen even though it was neither. The need to be wasn't there as much but still kinda there.

As of this morning i still feel that weird need to pee sensation in my shaft and my lower back is slowly improving. Can I make this feeling in my shaft appear? Could this be a nerve thing? Piriformis Dysfunction of some sort...pudendal neuralgia....or maybe its prostatitis that just couldn't be felt since it may not enlarge enough to feel larger. ORRR is it all psychosomatic and I'm just exacerbating the symptoms by constantly thinking about it!?

Your constructive thoughts and opinions are much appreciated!

Thank you all!
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You get an A++ for the way you described your issue.  Very thorough and you are very in tune with what yourself.  Your doctor sounds pretty terrific too and that they attempted to uncover the typical things.  The back pain and then penis issues does make you wonder about nerve issues.  Do you ever have any pins and needles feeling? Pudendal neuralgia does seem a true possibility. https://www.webmd.com/pain-management/pudendal-neuralgia#1 Your doc can do an MRI to find out? You can do physical therapy but it would be good to also know what to avoid which will further aggravate it.  

As to psychosomatic.  I will say that when I'm worried about something, I hyper focus and then I feel it that much more. It's a true phenomenon. That you didn't have any urge to urinate when your mind was off of it like when in a meeting does make you wonder about that.  That's a good observation.  

I'd go back to your doctor personally to discuss the issue of a potential nerve problem first though.  
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I agree. I was thinking prostatitis and nerve injury/inflammation while reading your post, but since prostatitis seems to have been ruled out, I'd definitely follow up on the neuralgia with your doc.

In the meantime, I hope the furniture lifting is over. That wouldn't be great for you right now.
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Thanks to the both of you for your responses!

I know I mentioned that I have a bad spine but I could have provided a little more detail I suppose. The one area that has been imaged extensively is my cervical spine. c5-c6 and c6-c7 are pretty bad with some cord deformity and stensosis on the right side where the nerves exit. My last MRI however was 6 years ago. So just yesterday I had a repeat and am awaiting the results. We shall see what it says.

I can tell you though that my the urge to pee is gone for the most part but a new phenomenon has replaced it! When I bend my head forward (chin to chest) I feel a weird feeling near my Ischial Tuberosity area . Just happens for a second and then goes away. cross between a brief numbness to tingling...it literally only lasts for a second. the second chin to chest doesn't repeat the feeling if I do it immediately following the first movement. If I wait a minute or two and try again it does.

I read my MRI myself last night, since they provided me with a disc, and I can certainly see where the osteophytes are impinging and narrowing the foramen. No real disc herniation but certainly bone spurs galore! Based on the way it looks I'm surprised I don't have more issues!!!

Thanks again and I may have to start answering other's questions! I love talking about this stuff when it doesn't pertain to me! lol
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Wow I hope they can give you some relief. I'm not that familiar with spinal cord issues, but it sounds painful.

Please jump right in and answer whatever you'd like. :) We have a ton of different forums, including a Back and Neck forum, an Ortho forum, etc etc - you can find all of them here - https://www.medhelp.org/forums/list

It sounds like you have some medical training of some sort. We just can't diagnose or give advice like stopping medication, etc. Welcome :)

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Hi all,

So just in case anyone had been waiting for an update to assuage your anxiety here it is:

I don't feel like I have to pee all the time anymore. All of the down below discomfort is gone and everything is working fine. HOWEVER...lol...I need neck surgery and a severely narrowed cervical spine. That's no fun right!? It's only 2 to 4 weeks of recovery and may or may not have had anything to do with the issues I was dealing with.

I know... This was of no help to anyone! Haha
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Thanks a whole lot for coming back though with an update.  It IS helpful. Glad the penis symptoms are recovered.  The neck surgery sounds brutal.  Were you in a lot of pain before the surgery?  I guess it could have something to do with things.  Nerves run all through our body, you were probably compensating post surgery to get comfortable, move, etc.  Glad it is better though and wish you continued recovery from your surgery.
Oh I hope it helps the issue, since you have to have the surgery anyway.

Let us know!
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