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Tiny bumps on penis head when erect

I have had std tests and all came back negative. After having unprotected sex, I noticed something new which has not gone away. When erect, there are lots of tiny bumps on the main part of the penis head which appear, and the penis head is more red and shiny then before (and seems to be more red in some areas than others - a bit blotchy). I think the bumps are always there (when not erect too) lurking below the surface, and sometimes look a bit like small red dots, but are less prominent, and then they become a lot more prominent when erect. The bumps almost look like the texture of an avocado... its the closest thing to describe it!!!

I have had this problem for years, and dont now how to solve it, the docs didnt say / do much but just said to use candida cream, and after spending literally hundreds of euro on docs and fungal creams I am left with no answers. I have never had blistering, flaking, or white headed spots or discharge or anything like that.

My symptoms are itching of penis head area, redness of penis head, and very rarely a small red blotch or two would randomly appear. i have tried using some candida creams previously but nothing seems to change. I also get itching near the scrotum which im sure is related but this is not bad, just a bit irritating and there are no other symptoms down there as far as i can tell.

heat seems to affect it and cause it to get itchy as well.

I didnt use to have this condition so its not 'normal'. I see from forums that a lot of people with simila-ish issues have investigated yeast infections / balanitis.

It could definitely be or be related to a yeast infection (candidiasis) as I have had athletes foot and fungal toe-nail infections for years so there's obviously a susceptibility there. But am trying to figure out exactly what it is as the bumps never seem to go and have been a permanent fixture for the last few years!!! could it be balanitus AND a yeast infection?

Can anyone with similar experience shed some light on it?? any help would be much appreciated!!!!.


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Both benign.  
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