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Tiny cuts (FIX) under penis - My experience

Hello dear medhelp forum!

I am a 22 year old male, not circumsized and recently experienced and lived through a problem that i read on this forum. It had quite a lot of comments and i wanted to tell you what helped me getting over the problem.

I started experiencing tiny cuts under my penis after having sexual intercourse with my partner. I am a very active sexual person and i usually perform sexual intercourse about 3-4 times a week (not including dry humping etc.). It wasn't until recently i got these cuts (fissures if you will) under my penis which made me worried. This made no sense to me, because i am an active sexual person so i knew that there was something i was doing wrong in the process of healing. Now i will tell you what i experienced and how i fixed my problem.

1. Firstly, find what is the problem. If you have a STD then you need to see a doctor. If its caused by dry skin, then you need a creme. If its a fungal problem, you need to use anti-biotics described BY YOUR DOCTOR or use anti-fungal creme. If its because you have sexual intercourse all the time then you need to use lubrication while performing it. YOU NEED TO FIND THE SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM. My source was too rough sex and dry skin for an example. IF YOU KNOW THE SOURCE, THEN YOU KNOW HOW TO FIX IT!

2. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT PULL YOUR SKIN BACK. This was the first thing i noticed what people are doing wrong. If you pull your skin back, you open the cracks again thus not letting it heal. Take it as having an open wound on your hand. Would you pull back the skin to make it open again? Exactly, NO.

3. Buy a creme that is anti-bacterial and speeds up skin regeneration. My product was called "Bepanthen Plus" including these chemicals like Dexpanthenolum / Chlorhexidini dihydrochloridum. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART. You rub the creme on your penis and you stick your finger into your penis NOT RETRACTING THE SKIN BACK. Then you make rings inside your penis with the creme. Finish it off by rubbing the creme all around your penis (more at the top, because there are the places where the fissures will be).

4. If you can't perform everyday chores, because it is painful to walk and do normal stuff, buy bandages. Seriously BANDAGE YOUR PENIS. It will do wonders. I had an issue while walking, because my pants were rubbing against the fissures. Bandage your penis and the problem will be gone.

5. DO NOT WEAR UNDERPANTS. Let your penis regenerate normally. Having your underpants on will only make the regeneration longer, because you are suffocating your penis and not letting it "Breathe".

6. NOW THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. AVOID EVERYTHING RELATED TO ERECTION. I MEAN IT!!! I know this is really hard, if you have a partner, but believe me. If you dont avoid sexual activities - IT WILL NOT HEAL. Talk to your partner and if she/he really cares about you, they will not nag you about sexual activities. You can always satisfy their needs, but NOT WITH YOUR PENIS. If it is really painful (while you are getting an erection), use a bandage, because then if it rubs against clothes or the sheets of bed, you will not feel any pain.

7. If you have a problem with tight penis skin then there is a way to help prevent such a problem. After your penis is healed, while washing, try to make a sack with your penis and stretch out. Put one finger inside your penis (skin not retracted back) and the other finger at the other side forming a sack. Now try to stretch the skin. This is painful i know, but these exercises will help your skin get looser. DO NOT STRETCH TOO HARD OR YOU WILL HURT YOURSELF, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

8. If everything fails then you need to see a doctor and maybe perform a surgery.

My problem was that i used some knowledge that was lying here, wash your penis with warm water, retract the skin and then lotion it. THIS IS WRONG. Use an anti-bacterial creme which will act as "Washing", but DO NOT RETRACT THE SKIN BACK. This will only make things worse. My skin was always dry and i stretched and opened my wounds constantly by washing it with warm water. After not touching it and applying the anti-bacterial, skin regenerating creme things got better in 2 days. Use lube while having sexual intercourse, it will make wonders. Also do not be afraid to talk to your friends and family about this problem, they will help you! You are a grown up, don't be afraid to discuss delicate matters! I sometimes used aloe lotion for my penis skin to help it smooth it.

I hope this will help someone in the future, because i know what kind of frustration it is! You are not alone in this and there is always a WAY! Good luck!

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