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Too young to have lost the desire....

I'm a  36 yr old male that has lost all of my sexual desire. Up until about 4 months ago I would consider myself one of horniest individuals around, now nothing. I'm been trying Cialis but it does not seem to work because I don't even get an erection. What is wrong with me. A short while ago I was begging my wife for sex, no she's asking me and I cant perform
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Hi Mike, So do you get any nocturnal erections or morning woods, if so that would be good news, shows things are still working.
So the next thing would be things like, stress, anxiety, to little sleep, high cholesterol, diabetes, depression, alcohol, self image, low libido, low testosterone, a testosterone being to high, and your general health.
Do any of these ring bells for you.
Please come back
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Nohard, he used to wake up before me like clockwork, but no longer. I work in a stressful field but take Ativan for the stress and anxiety. I had my testosterone checked a few months ago and it was normal. I hate to say this as I love my wife dearly, but can you get tired of driving the same "car"?
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Hi Mike, If you google natural ways out of stress, for that you can find lots of way on how to do it, and this should then help your anxiety.
I want you to google Ativan and ed, you will then find your answer to your problem.
Good Luck
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