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Two balls underneath my chin next to my adam's apple

Hello guys, I'm 21 years old, male and I've been struggling with a visible chin line for the past year or so.

I work out 5 times a week (I go to the gym) and I've recently lost a lot of weight to see if that would in any way define my jawline (once you lose all the fat from the body, you gotta lose it from the face also right??.. guess not!). Anyways I'm 185cm in height now and I weight 70 kg (low I know) but my chin line is still not visible and I fear the condition might be medical.

You see I have always had these 'balls' under my chin, deep inside the neck, on BOTH (althought right is slightly bigger) sides of my adam's apple. They are somewhere 2cm in size, firm and I can move them around. They protrude out when I press the tongue to the roof of the mouth and if i tilt my head sideways the gravity pulls them down and it looks weird to say the least. (like I have literally a sack of balls inside there) excuse my language.

My internet searches have been in vain. I've read about swollen lymph nodes but the thing is lymph nodes are supposed to be pea sized when normal and I can feel pea size lymph nodes next to these 'balls' under my chin.

I have included images for easier understanding.
Pressing the tongue to the roof:

Tilting my head:

I found this image on the internet about where lymph nodes are located and my 'balls' are where I marked the area with a red circle: http://postimg.org/image/70baj3lhn/

What could it possibly be? And finally, should I see a doctor?
Thank you for your help!

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