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UTI/Clymidia or what?

I am a 24 year old male. This has happened to me beofore after having intercourse witha a condom and dont konw what it is. A few days after having protected sex, I start to get the urge to urinate though it does not burn while i pee and I don know if I consider the feelign to be "burning" but more like the feeling that I have to urinate or I like my penis is leaking urine but it is not. I have no discharge no itching, or pain when i pee just the feeling of urination constantly but when i go to pee little or nothign comes out. This goes away with LOTS of water but then I just have to pee all day and if i stop drinking water the feeling comes back. When this same symptoms happened the first time I let it go and it went away on its own after MONTHS, the second time it happned went to the doctor and got tested for ALL STD'S and they all came back negative. This has recently happned again so I went to the doctor and was given Ciprofaxen i dont konw if that is how you spell it but the short name is Cipro 500mg twice a day and i was told it is probalby a UTI, but when i read about UTI's it said that most of the time the symptoms include burning when urinating adn back and or abdomianl pain. i dont seem to have either of these so basicall what i am asking is what could this bee if not an STD or a UTI, i am currently on day three of Four of Cipro symptoms seem to be a little better but not completely gone, I have three more days of it so i am hoping they do. How long should this take to clear and why would this happen when i have sex with a condom? Also by letting it heal on its own in the past did i do any damage to any of my parts?

thank you
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