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Im a 32 years old man. I have some burning sensation inside my penis and sore when passing urine and ocasionally when ejaculating.

Theres no blood in my urine however i need to pee way more frequently.

Ive seen a doctor for this condition 3 times. I had 3 urine tests ( none of them showed any bacterial infection and some blood tests that came with satisfactory results. Ive been prescribed 2 courses of antibiotics for UTI but theyve not resolved the problem.

What can cause this ?

Its been over 6 months since the problems started and its becoming a bit frustrating

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Have you had your prostate checked?

How are you with your water intake? Caffeine and alcohol?

This could be simply dehydration or irritation from too much caffeine and alcohol.

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I don't drink coffee or any alcohol but i do drink plenty of water.

I have a prostate, bladder and kidney scan this Thursday.  Hopefully its going to shed some light on this problem.
Yes, those scans seem like the next logical steps. Good luck and let us know what happens.
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