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Undiagnosed Condition

I hope someone might be able to help me out here as I have not had any luck so far with my problem. I know I am going to write a big history but please bare with me as I have to provide exact history of what has been going on since Oct'10.

I am a 28 year old healthy (would like to think so) male. In mid Oct 2010 I noticed a red spot on the head of my penis and visited my GP who said its just an itch and gave me Daktarin and Hydrocortisone however cause I had unprotected oral sex he advised me to get tested for HIV, Herpes and Syphilis. All the results came out negative. I applied the cream for 4 weeks but nothing happened and the infection started spreading all over the penis head.

I was then advised to visit the GUM clinic on 25th Nov'10. Experts there took some sample slabs from the infected area to view under microscope and also took some blood to do HIV, Herpes and syphilis tests. They confirmed it was a very bad fungal and bacterial infection. They prescribed me Zithromax, Fluconazole and Aciclovir just in case it was Herpes and also Daktarin and Hydrocortisone to be applied twice a day. I noticed a lot of improvement almost immediately, in a week it looked so much better. I got my results back on 4th Dec which were again negative however there was another red spot I noticed on the head of my penis completely different to what I had earlier. They again examined it through lens and confirmed it was Jock Itch. The doctor gave me Clotrimazole 1% to apply for a week and I noticed a lot of improvement. I can say the infection completely went away. Dr advised to keep applying at least for 2 more weeks after the infection goes away.

On 14th Dec I started noticing a weird throbbing sensation in my perineum. I ignored it for a couple of days but when it continued I couldn't ignore it any more. Also there was a lot of pain in the right testicle and the pubic area (about a milimeter above the base of the penis towards right side) I again visited my GP who examined my testicles and didn't noticed anything unusual. He prescribed Co-codamol and Diclofenac Sodium Tablets for 2 weeks. It didn't do any good and the pain just kept increasing. I visited another GP after 4 days and he said it was UTI and prescribed Cefalexin and Co-Dydramol for 3 weeks. Even that didn't work and the pain started to shoot up and I just couldn't bear it as it used to be so uncomfortable while sitting, sleeping or standing. I was having frequent urination, was constipated and having bloody stools. I then visited A&E that night who admitted me on 25th Dec and kept me on pain killers for a week. They did an x-ray for stones but couldn't find anything. Three urine tests were done at an interval of 2 days each but every time it was normal. They also did a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy but said everything was normal. Every one visiting me had a different opinion but no confirmation, they opined it can be Femoral Hernia, Ducton Tendinitis, Acute Prostatitis, UTI, Muscle Pull, Testicular Torsion etc.

Finally on 31st Dec'10 a new consultant came and examined me and diagnosed Acute Prostatitis. I was then given Ciprofloxycin and D to be taken twice a day. Diclofynac to be taken thrice a day and Lapro to be taken once a day.

It's 16th Jan'11 today almost 3 weeks into medication however nothing has improved. Only the pain has decreased however the throbbing sensation in the perineum still exists. It comes and goes at different times, there is no obvious routine to when it will happen. The pain in the front pelvic area still exists. I feel throbbing in the middle of my right hip and also feel like a string being pulled from the front pelvic region going from perineum into rectum. Last night I noticed same sensation/throbbing in the left side of my Perineum that I noticed last month in the right side. There is not lump in the perineum that I can classify as abscess, no changing of color, no swelling or anything. I do feel its not the right testicle but the vein in the right testicle or over the right testicle region that hurts or gets numb. I feel very weird coldish sensation sometimes on that vein.

Please can someone advise what it is as I have visited at least 7 different GPs been seen by 5 different Consultants in A&E without any luck or proper diagnosis. I did not drink any alcohol or engaged in any sexual activity since Oct'10. I did masturbated a day ago and the color of semen was not what it used to be earlier. It was like greyish white and watery rather than being thick. I will really appreciate if someone can give me any advise on this.
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    Appears like a typical yeast infection of prostate, mostly by candida albicans, especially after reading your history.Google for candidiasis and you will get more info. Here is a patient's account of his problems with yeast:


In case of difficult to cure prostatis,you should do a urine culture test and find out the exact type of yeast/bacteria involved and by a sensitivity test determine the most effective medicine.But if it is really a candida infection, they will play hide and seek game unless you make persistent efforts to get rid of them. You have to also control the type of food you take, especially avoid sugar rich food and take home made plain curd. Pickles made of ginger,garlic along with some clove and black pepper in vinegar is really helpful, even though some people do not advice use of vinegar.
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this being a pure medical issue, i can only pray for ur betterment. May you get well soon again. Amen.
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