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Urethra swelling, pain when pee, slight discharge.

So I'm having this issue that's been occurring for the last 3-4 weeks.  I'll start by giving you a back story.  I've been married for about 6 years now and last year, about 7 months ago,  I traveled on business and had a protected sexual encounter with a women I know nothing about.  It was literally a one night stand and I never saw her again.  I made sure to put a condom on before we engaged in intercourse and wore it the whole time.  About 3 weeks after this, I noticed some penis irritation and a strong burning sensation after I peed.  I had pain in my testicles and penis discharge (I took azo standard and my ejaculation was dark yellow and green).  I panicked and took amoxicillin for about 10 days.  My wife and I don't have sex very often so it was easy to avoid intercourse.  I went in to my doctor after these 10 days and a blood and urine test were ordered.  I was tested for HIV, HSV1/2, Syphilis, gon, and clymidia.  While I waited on the results I was given a oral powder and a shot in the butt.  My symptoms totally went away after about a week and all the test results came back negative.  So about 5-6 months have gone by with no issues and out of nowhere I start getting penis irritation again.  This time it is mostly urethra pain and irritation.  It feels like it's mostly irritated on the urethra opening and about half a inch inside my penis.  It burns when I pee.  I paniced again and took oflaixcin on my own for about 5-6 days. Before taking it I noticed a clear discharge from my penis that would leave a very small wet spot in my underwear.  *PS*. I also masterbate every day before I go to sleep.  I normally get up and urinate afterwards and I know it's a bad habit, but I masterbate into socks that I've worn for most of the day and I use that to wipe up with.  I usually don't drink enough water (about a 12 ounce bottle or two a day).  My saliva is normally thick.  I returned to my doctor and a urine test was ordered.  Waiting on the results.  My aniexty level is really high so I ran out and bout a oral quick home HIV test and took that. The results were negative.  Can anyone give me an idea of what this might be? If I get an erection my penis head hurts and the meatus of the opening looks swollen on one side.
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Is more of a burning feeling a few minutes after I pee.  Not during.
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Your Dr. Is it a Urologist?
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No general practice.  He told me that that wanted to get the urine sample back before they prescribed me anything, antibiotics, etc.  still waiting on results.  Been 5 busniness days.
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Hi, since you wore a condom your symptoms are not related to the affair as nothing could get inside your penis.
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If i'm at work or concentrating on things, i notice NO symptoms.  The pain has gotten faint over the last few days but is still present.  I looked inside the head of my penis today after i showered and its not red at all.  Could this be a nerve disorder or an anxiety thing?  My wife recently found out she is pregnant and went in for a pregnancy test and they told her she should get checked for chlamydia  since it had been over a year since her last check.  I think this is because i go to the same clinic and they are still waiting on my results so they are checking her as a precaution.  It's crazy how many post on this site that are about urethra pain with negative STI test.  hopefully whatever this infection is goes away with antibiotics and doesn't affect my wife's pregnancy.
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I read all the posts to your problem. It would be better if you post your question in STD forum. This can be a re infection. Using your socks for wiping your genitals may carry some  bacterial infection.Investigation of your wife may give a clue to your problem. I am sorry, I am not in a position to give you a better suggestion.
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