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Urgent Penis Problems

Hi. I'm a 13 year old boy and i'm really worried about my penis. It has been circumcised 5 years ago and since then every time my penis makes contact with hot water it burns really bad and it hurts. When ever I take a shower its really difficult for me to wash that area like the head of the penis. And also the colour is a bit different to the bottum part of my penis like a reddish colour. Also my penis is about 6.5cm long and probably goes to 7.5cm MAX when erected and I think thats REALLY small for a 13 year old as I browsed a few forums seeing that 9-10Cm is average for a normal 13 year old. Also sometimes my top part of the penis rolls up like folds in the bottum. Sorry I cant really explain it that well. Please help me I dont know what to do.
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Help anyone?
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It sounds like you might have a touch of phimosis, which is a penile skin irritation disorder.  It's normal to have that color difference in your penis.  I also wouldn't get hung up on "normal" penis sizes.  Some young men develop later than others.  Some are smaller, some are larger, it just varies.  

So the only thing I'd really worry about is your burning.  And even that is probably able to be easily treated.  Have you been to a doctor yet?  If not, tell your parents that you are burning and want to go to a doctor to have it checked.  He or she will probably prescribe a cream that will make it feel much better.  

So don't worry, you sound pretty normal.  Even the rolling up thing happens to us adults from time to time.  Nothing really to get worked up about.  Just go to your doc, tell him or her what's bothering you, and they'll help you out.  I'd also emphasize that you have had this burning since your circumision, so he knows that might have been a possible cause.  It's normal for there to be discomfort post-circumcision, but not for that length of time.  

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Hey... Thanks alot... You like really saved my life. But theres one more problem... I'm a bit shy to tell my parents and also my dad's a doc. I really dont know what to do about the burning thing. Can you please suggest some ideas?
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I understand how you feel - my wife is a doctor.  I have the exact opposite problem, I tell her every bad feeling I have hehe, I should probably be more shy :)

It's very normal to be shy approaching the parents.  Especially since your dad's a doctor.  Would your parents understand if you went to them and told them you want to see a doctor for a medical condition, but you don't feel comfortable discussing it with them?  Your dad should understand that, since everyone's medical information is confidential unless they wish to tell someone else about it.  If you don't feel comfortable talking to him about it, just tell him that.

Regarding the burning, until we know what's wrong with your penis, I would not put anything on it yet, because some things could cause it to get worse.  If it gets to the point where you absolutely have to put something on it, I'd stick with some sort of mild skin lotion.  But I'd really be hesitant to do this until you get a diagnosis, because like I said, you might make things worse.

Hope this helps.  Try not to worry too much, which is easier said than done I know.

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Hey Sam

U shall be brave enough in this matter you shall tell your dad about this matter. U r only 13 once you r around 18 it will stop growing then there will be no choice with you or ur dad if u tell him now it will be helpful
I hope u do save ur life now..

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why did you get circumcised at 8 did you have a problem, it may be the same issue you had back then? or was it choice by you?

as for discussing it with your parents,  i feel for you mr, its something you have to deal with, i may be wrong in giving this advice i am not sure, i would suggest tell yoru parents BUT if not then ask your parents to take you to the doctor as you feel you need a check up, ask your mum if you can go in by yourself, and make sure you tell your doctor everthing that you feel.... if you are confident to do it yourself then go for it....

i am not sure if there is legalities on parents taking minors to doctors or not.... but its what i would suggest

good luck mate i am sure you will be fine.... some guys just have really sensative heads..

also depending if you wear boxers or briefs may help..as you are cut you may need to expose your head to the elements a little more so its not as sensative... belivev me penises come in all shapes and sizes buddy. i am sure you will be fine
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