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Very Low DHEA-S

Recently my lab work displayed both a slightly suppressed Total and Free Testosterone (flagged as low)
but also, another hormone I know little about:  DHEA-S  was markedly low:  62     (195-600)

What is the clinical significance of a markedly low DHEA-S  (i.e. what areas would cross your mind to check
(ex:adrenal glands........)

Other hormones ok  LH/FSH.   Have not had any other test such as cortisol, ATCH.
MRI of brain:  Normal
CT of abnormal and pelvis:  Normal
CBC w. Differentials and Complete Metabolic Labs:  Normal

My only health issue I have is untreated subclinical hyperthyroidism

Symptoms:  Excessive daytime fatigue, low libido

To conclude, anyone know what a low DHEA-S level would indicate in a 34/m?
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Hypothyroidism is treated by replacement therapy.Untreated, it may give rise to many symptoms.For DHEA google and visit, wikipedia web site. I thine thyroxine sodium will take care of Dhea as well. I am have hypo-thyroidism since last 40 yrs I am taking 100 mcg of thyroxin sodium. I get myself cheked for t4, t3 and tsh ever year. It is our genetic problem. My mother and my siblings had this problem.You will feel better within 15 days of treatment.Take dosage according to dr's advice.
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Thanks for you comment, but I do not have hyothroidism.  Just Low Free and Total Testosterone, with very, very low DHEA-S.  Thyroid issues are measured
by TSH, T3, T4, I think that's what confused you.
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   As Dalubaba has mentioned, people with hypothyroidism normally are said to have low low DHEA-S. But in your case, you have mentioned you have slight hyperthyroidism. It appears that low cortisol can mimic hyperthyroidism. Since your DHEA-S low, it might mean some sort of adrenal insufficiency  and may be your cortisol level is also low. So, better to test for complete adrenal levels and ACTH levels for a complete diagnosis.

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