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Viral vs Bacterial


I received a un protected oral sex and protected vaginal sex from sex worker(I guess) , exactly after 7 days, I experienced a tingling penis and burning sensation. I consulted primary care doctor and he gave antibiotics. After 17 days, I gave urine and blood samples for further tests, results came back for chlamydia, gonnohria and hiv negative. Nurse told that glucose level is increased. Symptoms are getting worse, I still feel burning sensation and something is moving around my penis head. Yesterday, I also experienced severe lower back pain and very light sore testicle(left side only). Also, having mild headache throughout the day.

Please help me what are the other possible STIs might have infected me. Does it makes sense to ask doctor to diagnose NGU, UTI and yieast infections?

Also not sure, how accurate were the results at 17th day of infection. Plese advise
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protected sex is what the word says "protected". I believe that your worries are due to anxiety. Keep calm and stay safe :)
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Thanks you for your comment.

Initially I though it is something due to my worry but now strongly feel something happend. Does unprotected oral sex(received from a black lady) cause herps?

I'm still using antibiotics but my worry is if Infected with any viral infections. do you think, could it be viral?

My current symptoms include: sore left testicle and upper back pain.

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Well there is a  risk of contacting herpes via this sexual practice but skin outbreaks pose this risk.

The symptoms you describe are not herpes' symptoms.

If I were you I would not worry.

Congratulations for using condoms
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