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my boyfriend is always telling me how much he wants me but he never gets hard unless i give him oral i can kiss him or touch him down there and still nothing, ill dress up for him and do sexy things and if he gets hard which is rare it wont be fully hard, and while giving him head, if i even stop for 10 seconds he loses his erection, this happens during sex too, i dont know what to do, he asks me to go down on him very often and i know he really likes it but i dont understand why he loses his erection so often and for no apparent reason, this can happen in the middle of sex, he is 21 and super fit!! this shouldnt be happening right? i have been with other guys who have the opposite prblm with me (they cant keep it down) they get hard from just looking at me i wont even have to touch AT ALL (i am very attractive with a very curvy body) i just dont understand y this is happening. i am possative that hes attracted to me and i dont think this is my fault but im really unsatisfied with our sex life, when i say something about it he gets upset or changes the subject, but this is really bothering me, as far as i know he doesnt even watch porn though i know he masterbates daily, he does have a stressful job but even when hes off of work for over a week he still has the same issues PLEASE HELP!!!

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