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Weak errection and penis has shrunk

My husband asked me to do some research for him. He is 59. Please allow me to give a little back ground. We have been together for 6 years. Even when we first met, his sexual drive was very low. He was always making an exuse why we could not have sex/intercourse . We would go months with out it. He does enjoy oral anytime I would offer and he still jumps and runs to the bedroom for what I call a hand job. He will not masterbate on his own. It seems to be the intercourse or taking any time to please me that he has an issue with. I am 9 years younger than he is and Men find me attractive so, that is not the problem. After we had gone a year and a half with out having any sex between us, he tells me that his penis has shrunk with in the last year and that he is not getting a strong errection. Also he is complaining about his penis curving to one side. He went to the doctor about four months ago for a check up and his testrone level was fine. We finally had intercourse about 4 months ago, and nothing sense. I had developed a white discharge from my libia with some itching and swelling after our last time together. My doc said it was not a yeast infection but she gave me some cream to use. It has not helped. I dont know if this is releated in his recent complaints or not. We have been faithfull to each other so it could not be std. Please, if anyone can help, We need it! Oh, also, when he does get an errection, we have to fight to keep it going. .
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   Take personal care of his food intake, ensure it is balanced in nutrients.Take more interest in his daily activity which may be contributing to the stress factor and try to relieve him off such problems if any. Enjoy weekends together. May be consulting a therapist both of you together is beneficial if you are unable to help yourselves.
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Thank you for your reply. We eat very health. For the most part, our foods are fresh fruits and veggies. Most the foods we have are made from scratch to avoid any extra fats and sodium. Fish and poultry and very little red meats. He retired at 54 but went back to work part time as a sub teacher. Off this summer. Normally I cant get him to sit down, he likes to putts around the house with prodjects but he has been complaining about not feeling up to it. I dont push him. I think a therapist might be what we need. Now, just getting him to agree to go will be another issue in its self..
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