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Weird vibrating fluttering feeling in testicle

I been having this problem since yesterday. I am having this weird fluttering or pulsing  feeling in my left testicle, it has basically been constant since it started and there is no pain whatsoever, it’s just extremely annoying cause it’s always present, although it seems to be less present when I am standing. I am quite stressed over what is going on, any ideas as to what it could be?
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Hello.. I just want to follow up if this was resolved or what the diagnosis was. What was the treatment given to you if you went to the doctor. Thanks.
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This could be a few different things, from as simple as sitting too often, an injury to the area, to a varicocele or spermatocele. Since it's new for you, you'll want to get it checked out. It's probably nothing serious, but it may be something that needs treatment, especially if it lingers.

I'm including some older threads that are similar, and were answered by doctors when we had them on the site. I hope they help.





Let us know what happens.

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Alright thanks for your help, I’m just worried about torsion. Is this possible even if there is no pain inolved?
Probably not - most commonly, torsion has sudden, severe pain. Sometimes, it has a slow development of pain.


You definitely need to get it checked, though. Don't rely on an internet stranger for medical care or a diagnosis. We can only guide you.
What was it by chance because I’m having the same problem I think like a wierd throbbing sensation
It always helps to start your own thread and then you can give us more details so we can help.  
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