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What are these flesh colored cluster of bumps on my penis head? Are they normal?

I’ve had some irritation on my penis head and in my urethra. I believe it started when I was trying to treat a UTI. I had burning urination and my scrotum itched a lot. I went in and got tested for chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV and Syphilis. They all came back negative. I went into the doctor after suspecting a UTI. I was using harsh soap on top of anti-fungal cream and I think I irritated my penis head/urethra. I did have swelling around my urethra and one side of my penis head was red. The burning while I urinated had gone away. When I went into the doctor he did a UTI test and it came back negative. The doctor told me to just use hydrocortisone on my penis and scrotum. About a week after that I noticed this cluster of small flesh colored bumps. They don’t look like blisters and feel like normal skin. They also seem to go away some times. I was wondering if it could be anything to worry about. I have been using aloe vera and coconut oil on it and that has made a lot of the urethral pain go away. I am circumcised and the head of my penis is already wrinkly. If anyone has any idea what these bumps could be, please send me your ideas. I think they are just ppp but they are higher up from the crown of my Penis head, kinda in the middle between the urethra and the crown. Thanks for your responses.
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PPP are only around the corona of the head of the penis, or the edge of it.

So what do you have?

Have you ever been sexually active? It could be genital warts. It could be a fungal infection, eczema, dermatitis, or a long list of other possibilities.

What happens if you stop using all the things you're using? You're putting a lot of things on your skin, and it's hard to say what's happening naturally, and what isn't. Are you still having urethral pain?

How is your water intake? Being dehydrated can cause urethral pain. Drinking too much caffeine, sports drinks, juices and/or alcohol can, too. If you drink a lot of those, cut waaay back and increase the water.

If you've ever been sexually active, get tested for STDs, like gonorrhea, chlamydia and NGU.

How long has all this been going on?

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Thanks for responding, I have been sexually active in the past and I have stopped using all of those harsh soaps and creams. I believe the irritation was also being caused by drier sheets that had a lot of chemicals on them. I’ve stopped drying my clothes with then and just tried to use moisturizers like aloe Vera and coconut oil. The urethral pain has seemed to disappear for the most part. I have also been trying to drink more water but I don’t drink any coffee or sports drinks. I’ve been tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia and they both came back negative. It’s started off with It burning when I urinated. The gonorrhea and chlamydia tests came back negative so I tried to self treat for a urinary tract infection. That’s when the urethral pain started. I went to the doctor to get tested for a uti and it came back negative. By that time the burning urination had gone away and i just had pain in my urethra with red dry skin on one side of my penis head.  That’s when I noticed these small flesh colored spots. They don’t hurt when I press on them and seem to disappear and reappear.
This has all happened in around 3 months.
Here is some pictures if that helps
I have to really look to seem them, but I don't think it's an STD. They don't look like warts, if that's what you're concerned about, and warts don't come and go like that.

It honestly could be irritation, dry skin, an allergic reaction.

I know seeing a doctor is hard right now, but have you seen a urologist or a dermatologist? That would be my next step.
No I haven’t seen a urologist or dermatologist. I honestly do believe it is an allergic reaction from harsh chemicals. The drier sheets I was using was called blue sparkle By the company snuggle. They do not list any of their ingredients and according to, https://www.ewg.org/guides/cleaners/5660-Snuggleexhilarationsconcentratedfabricsoftenerbluesparkle/
It seems to not list them anywhere and could have a chance to cause an allergic reaction. You have been loads of help and I cannot thank you enough. You really gave me peace of mind in just giving me your opinion. I’ll see if there are any urologists/dermatologist in my area and see if I’m able to schedule an appointment. Thanks again for your opinion and you really did give me lots of peace knowing that it isn’t warts.
You're welcome. :)

I don't have a penis lol, but I do have super sensitive skin. I use "free" laundry detergent and dryer sheets - like Tide Free, All Free - free from scents, dyes, etc. You might try those. There are other brands, I just used those as examples, and in my opinion, they all work the same.

Seventh Generation is a company that uses recycled, sustainable products, and they believe in transparent ingredients. They have a line of laundry products for sensitive skin, if that interests you.

I'm assuming you're in the US. I know Seventh Generation is in Canada, not sure about other places.

Hope you get some answers. :)
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I’m 18 btw
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