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What could be causing this?

i'm doing masturbation since 10 year, now i'm facing some problem. when i want to do sex my wife i'm unable to do. my penis is not strong and if i see the whole body without cloth of my wife after that my penis is not be hard so plz help me.........
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You have erectile dysfunction its very common in men go see a doctor and there help you
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Hi, and yes it sounds like you have ED, your age would have helped, I'm now in ED recovery, and I did it all with herbs and a hormon replacment, recently I did a post on franktalk.org on genral discussion, its titled DRUGS VERSUS HERBS, HERBS MY CHOICE. give it a read and if you like what you see give it a try, look its not a fast way out but once you are on and stick to it you will win over your ED to recovery, but please ther is nothing that cures ED what you have to do now becomes a way of life.
Good Luck
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Hi mate, well i had the same problem in the past and i went to the doc, told him how i felt myself and all about my way to have masturbation.
The doc gave me the right suggest: a little psycotherapy to balance my masturbation desire and the wonderful wife i have. Don't worry, everything will be ok soon but speak about your doc, it's basic.
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