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What do I do about a scar on my penis?

I had accidentally burnt my penis with an industrial strength cleaning solution while working. There are two noticeable scars along the left side of my shaft. The 2cm of scar tissue is numb to the touch, is a thicker skin, brighter in color, and does not match the texture of the surrounding skin as it shines in light. I had been avoiding professional help out of embarrassment, using lotion, scar gel, dmso, iodine, even making incisions and doing glyceroc acid chemical peels.
I’ve made some progress with appearance, and have regained feeling in the scar tissue, but I can’t help thinking I’m avoiding much needed help. So I’m asking, where do I start?
This is weighing heavy on my mind and I’m really hoping I didn’t disfigure myself.

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Hi have you tried Bio Oil it's highly recommended to fade Scar's hope this Helps take care :)
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I have used bio oil before else where, I don’t really like the smell of it but I will use it.  Along with tea tree oil in the shower.  
What has been giving me best results is making fine lines with a razor around the whole circumference of my penis where my scar is, performing a lactic acid, or glyceric acid chemical peel. Waiting three days, then taking a rough texture, such as a polishing stone, over top of it to sorta sand off the tiny lines that scabbed over. This sorta blends the skin tones together as it whitens.
Problem is, it’s painful. I’m wondering if I should have this professionally done to achieve better results? Or if I have any other options? Should I pay for surgery? Should I travel to Thailand for a penis whitening procedure? Is it going to go away on it own? The scar is only three months old but it has been on there for too long.
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