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What is causing this be? White coating gone in the centre of tongue.

So from last year I have this ongoing allergies. Which turn out to be dry cough and asthma. I was on counter medication with inhalers.
I completely got over the wheezing and dry cough with medicines. But I still have the throat irritation sometimes.

And about four months back, centre of my tongue colour I noticed slight pain and there is a colour change. The white coating in the centre part looks like disappeared to a flat pink region. Doc diagnosed it with vitamin deficiency. And I took tablets for three weeks.
Pain is gone. But the coating is not fully over it. I still have that region in light pinkish colour. Been there for four months.
And body also itches sometimes. No visible rashes. But I feel it to be very itchy sometimes. What could this be?
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Did the doctor test you or treat you for a yeast infection of the tongue?  The itching makes me think this.  I'd get swabbed for that to make sure. It's common and easily treatable if you have this.

You can also brush away top layer of tongue and leave red like you describe in middle if you were doing that

I did read about vitamin deficiency and red on tongue.  

Anayway, I'm still wondering about yeast on your tongue.  Not thinking the body itching is related to the tongue though.
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Sometimes the region is pink. Sometimes pale. I had pain for sometime in the beginning which is not there now after I took a 10 day course of vitamin tablet. But the region is still the same it seems.

Thanks for you time anyway.
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I'm tossing a dart in the dark on this one. First off, medicines are dehydrating as heck.
The human tongue has a habit. A big one of showing hydration, the human body it also reacts and pinpoints areas in serious need. Your throats dry? Your tongue is pink exposing moisture and bringing moisture to the first area to effectively solve the problem. Yes, I'm going to say it. Drink water. Lots of it, not at once and believe you resolved the problem instantly that your body has with your daily liquid habits. Soda coffee, alcohol etc...
All of your issues had a commonality though. "Dry" Lotion isn't going to drastically improve your skin "Literally the human bodies largest outside organ
Just personally saying. Hydration is hydration and don't knock water. It makes up 60% of our physical bodies. Incorporate it, a lot for a while. Also avoid, salts, sugars, caffeine etc... like really I'm prescribing water here. lol
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Thank you so much!! I'll count on it then. :)
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