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What is it????

I have been tested for STD's and am clear. My penis has been hurting for 3 months now and its also not a yeast infection. It does not hurt when i wake up, but seems to hurt later in the day and at night all the time. It is not aweful pain, but enough to bug me. does anyone know what this could be?
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Hi Cris:

Have you posted this question in the " Men's Health Forum" ? If not, then I think you should. I have seen this question asked in this forum before with little response. Although this is a great forum for questions regarding pain, I feel that your question would be better answered in the Men's Health Forum.

I'm also wondering if you have had your Prostate checked?   My Husband had a simular issue and his Prostate was the culprit.

I truley hope you find the answer your looking for. Please take care and good luck.
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Hello Cris,

Welcome to the Pain Mangement Forum, I am sorry to hear about your pain.

Have you seen a urologist? Usually they are best at treating these issues. There are multiple reason that you could be experiencing this discomfort and I do not have enough experience in this are to make an educated guess. Epididymis and prostatitis usually also causes scrotal pain. Your tissues could just be painfully inflamed, there could be a urological component, there are just so many conditions that could be the source of your pain. The list goes on.

Please see another physician if yours is unable to provide you with answers. I will request that your thread gets moved to another forum than may be more helpful.

Best of luck to you,
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thank yall for yalls input. i forgot to mention that when i maturbate, or get an erection, the bottom of my penis head gets red and has bumps on it as well.
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