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What is the cause of my meatus pain & frequent urination 1 week after sex?


     I'm a 22 year old individual. 1 week prior to my symptoms I engaged in unprotected sex after the female I was with reassured me that she was "clean". Anyway, it is important to know that in the past I contracted Chlamydia; I was treated and also tested for all other STD's, which came back negative. Also, another important fact is that I frequently urinate (aside from this issue) Since high school the time between me ingesting water & having to go to the bathroom can someone times be a little less than an hour. In other words, water shoots right through me.

My symptoms started last Wednesday. At first it was painful urination, but that was a one time thing. It has since then evolved into a constant pain on my meatus, which looks to be a little swollen. It was followed then on the second day with bloating, and on the third day I had diarrhea. All while I had frequent urination, sometimes every 10-15 minutes (and still do). I've inspected my penis & nothing seems wrong with it. In contrast to the time I had chlamydia, this seems very different. Chlamydia stung when I urinated and was with me for about 3 weeks before I got it treated, as I thought it w.e it was (at the time I didnt know it was chlamydia) would go away; The point is that the Chlamydia did not seem urgent. What I have was quite urgent from the beginning and I could feel it progress quicker.

   As I stated, this all happened 1 week (8 days) after unprotected sex. I have a weak stream of urine as opposed to my strong streams; I can feel an ache in my testicols, and general hot burning feeling around my genitals. I did a urinalysis, my urine looked fine (My mother who is ANRP accompanied me & said it looked fine)  but I still don't get the results till Monday. No unusual discharge, just leaking urine. No unusual marks anywhere on my body, no lesions, warts, rashes or anything to suggest HPV.

My concern & confusion lies in my current state. I have take 2 days worth of Metronidazole. 500 mg twice a day. So far; my bloating seems to have improved but nothing with my symptoms in my genitals have seemed to improve. At first I thought I contracted a UTI from sex, but worry that this all might be a coincidence of timing with the sex I had, to some other underlying issue I might have with my prostrate. In other words, something non sti related.

Based off what I have described, what is the cause of my symptoms. UTI? Fungul? Prostrate, or another organ?

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