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What is this painless, pea sized, lump under skin on penile shaft?

I have a hard, smooth, moveable lump underneath the skin on the lower middle of my penile shaft. When attempting to pop/drain it the only thing that comes out its blood like liquid. It does not hurt and is not open. I remember many months ago knicking myself down there when attempting to shave. I thought it might be an ingrown hair but no ingrown hair is visible and its painless like I said. I had one when I was a teenager and like an idiot one day sterilized a needle then popped it and a huge amount of puss came out with a bit of blood. It healed quickly and then never came back. I'm beginning to think this is the same thing. Except it's a little different. Originally it started out like an ingrown hair and white puss could be squeezed out but that's no longer the case. It appears the same flaccid and erect. I've had it now for a couple weeks. Don't have health insurance so I can't see a doctor right now....any ideas?
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