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What kind of microorganism is making my genital area itch?

It itched so bad when I woke up 2 days ago and had to keep scratching for the next 10-15 mins. It itched mainly on the base of my penis and on top of the base of my penis. It kind of looks like a rash because the skin is raised up, but only slightly red (almost same color as the skin on my penis). The one on my penis is round, the one on my pubic area on top of my penis seems more irregularly shaped and looks like a cluster of blisters (but it is just raised skin with no water inside it seems).  I checked on pictures of "scabies" online, but there seems to be some level of bright reddish color surrounding the affected area and seems to be plenty, but mine does not look like that. It does not seem to be flaking and it only itch a lot when I woke up 2 days ago. Right now the raised skin is still there, but only itches intensely when I scratch it with my finger (not like when you scratch a rash by a mosquito bite where it is only mildly itchy. This one itches from 0 to 10 when I scratch it), other than that it will subside. It does not seem to be spreading or anything, but i'm still wondering what it is. I do not think it is a fungus as there is no whitish flakes around my genital area. And it's highly unlikely to be genital herpes since I do not have exposure to the virus. I have a photograph, but it cannot seem to be posted here.
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Man, I hate a bad itch.  People can get contact dermatitis on their penis.  If it were me, I'd go get it looked at by a doctor as soon as possible.  If nothing else to relieve the itch but also because excessive itching can bring on skin changes in and of itself.  So, talk to a doctor for official diagnosis and tell us what they say.
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