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What should i do?

I had sex only one time in my life the lady was 23yrs old n I'm 15 after sex I went n got checked they said I had chlamydia n uti I got treated this was after new years n after a while I still had symptoms so I got checked again n I had uti still so I was treated again for uti but it seem these horizontal cracks appeared on the head of my pens I also have a tear on the meats but it didn't scab over or anything so I started putting Vaseline on the cracks n it made the back of my pens the shaft I think it's really smooth now not like before what should I do? This has been going on for some months now I also went to the clinic n they said I didn't have any std n if I wanted to know if I had HIV I had to come in is it possible I have HIV? If not can someone please tell me some home remedies please
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