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What type of penis injury causes broken skin?

I've been having quarantine sex with my girlfriend, but last night my penis head bent against her butt. It hurt a little bit. I noticed that I had some broken skin on the head of my penis after I took the condom off, but it wasn't bleeding. It wasn't there before I put the condom on. It looked like the skin was peeled off. It doesn't burn but it's sensitive when I touch it. I put some A&D ointment on it to be safe.

The condom was intact. No leaks of any kind. Is the peeled skin and redness from my penis head bending or is it something else.
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That's funny, quarantine sex with the girlfriend like it is different than regular sex.  I like it, we are living in crazy times, aren't we?  Anyway, Our penises are sensitive skin.  You got an abrasion.  I take it this is a monogamous relationship?  This wound happened during the event?  Then that is the cause, right? Well, it appears so from what you are telling us anyway.  https://www.healthline.com/health/cut-on-penis#causes  This lists sex as a cause of friction injuries.  There are other things that cause penis cuts/abrasions but your situation sounds fairly straight forward.  Petroleum jelly often helps.
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Thanks. I'm shooting straight this time around. Definitely narrowed my sex life to one partner. It did happen during the event. The abrasion wasn't there until that happened. Thanks for the link.
I didn't know you could get a friction abrasion with a condom on.
You can get a friction abrasion at any time. Perhaps the condom was just rubbing funny, and you didn't realize it, like chafing.

Be gentle with it for a couple of days, and see how it heals.
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