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Whats happening with me? 15 Year Old


        I´m 15 Years old , in May i become 16. My problem is that since i was 13 i havent grow more than an inch (3cm) taller. I was (am) very worried , so at 15 i went to a doctor. He made me do many exams , in the test of HGH levels , it said that i have a partial almost complete HGH deficit. He said i need HGH injections, but before i have to lose weight..........also i need to say that this HGH injections are way expensive. I think this was the results of losing around 100 pounds at 13.5-15 YO and gaining them again. The Other Exam said that i had 15 Year Old Bone Age. All this happened year ago. At 13 i was around 5ft6 and 101KG (222LBS) then i lost weight and when i was 14-14.8 Years old was 5ft6 1/2  (169-170cm) and 65-70KG (143lbs) , Today at 15 years old almost 16 im 5ft7 (171cm) and 110KG (242Lbs) Yes, i gain all the weight i lost. Im very worried that i wont grow any taller and  also my penis hasnt grow anything (4 inches) . (You may think that im exagerating , but no , it may sound weird but i have the measurements of my height and penis since 13).  The only things that have changed in me are more pubic hair and more hair in legs. I have no beard. Have a some of armpit hair. My father is 5ft10-11 and my mother is 5ft6. What should i do? Im currently trying to lose weight to be able to have those HGH injections , and also to be more comfortable in clothes. Do you think i still have some growth to be done? I really want to be at least my father´s height. Please tell What should i do , some suggestions would be really appreciated.

Thanks Alot , Regards.
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You could well get a growth spurt even now.  A friend of mine gained a lot of height when he was in college.  Has your father or mother told you when they gained their most height?  

Work on the weight loss, for sure.  Try eating fewer carbs.  It can make a difference even if you eat a lot of other things.  The carbohydrates make you fat.
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Pd: From 13-14.5 , I was sleeping around 3.5-5 hours a day. I know this was really bad. Just wanted you to know , so ill get a better suggestion.
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