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Whats wrong with me?

Hello recently i've been searching the std forum and posting. Idk if im gonna get banned for spamming but im so scared and sad. Okay so first off I had a false positive for hsv 2 a few months back (confirmed false positive) and now a low positive possibly false hsv 1 igg at 1.8. Now from the std forum I learned stds are probably not causing my symptoms.

*Not frequent but at times I have minor pain or slight burning during urination.
*A slight irritation at the tip of my penis thats persited for almost over three months.
*Sometimes I feel a nerve shock on the tip and glans.
*Through masterbation had a yellowish greenish discharge once.
*Not everytime but sometimes I have a lingering minor burning feeling after ejaculation.
*White pus or semen leaked out during urination twice did not hurt and penis felt a bit of relief after.
*Anus feels as though it swells when I walk at times and also have felt sharp pains there.
*Some mornings  (maybe after drinking tea or holding in urination) its hard to start my urine flow although I really have to go.
*Meatus of my penis has looked raised and when I wear tighter underwear the right side looks even more irriated while the left is normal. At other times the left is raised. (Meatus looks like lips)
*Seemingly dark cracked skin under the meatus. (Doctor says it looks normal)
*Early on there was frequent urination. Not so much now but still more frequently than I used to.
*Right side under armpit hurts internally a bit since yesterday not always noticable.
*At times I feel a minor back pain. Not often.
*Once felt slight pain in pubic area where bladder and prostate are.
*Shock in right testicle righr before I urinated the white stuff.
*Urine leaves at a slight arc.
*Once had throbbing sorness in side of my penis for 5 minutes off and on.

Im just scared sorry to post so much. I just wanna go back to feeling normal and although symptoms dyed down I have not gone back to normal in a long time. Earlier when symptoms began I tested negative for all stds besides the false positive hsv 2 test and the negative list includes hsv 1 back then. Also I recieved felatio from a girl on July 27th who said she tested before and claims to never have a cold sore (its unknown to me if hsv was part the test.) Symptoms began at the end of August or the beginning of September. First  test was September 8th. Second test was in November. Still awaiting the new urine analysis results. Does anyone know what this could be?

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