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White Discharge from Penis

Three days ago I had an unusual white discharge from my penis while urinating, with a white powder silt coming to rest on the bottom of the toilet toward the end of the stream. As I finished urinating, a cloudy sperm-looking cloud of white discharge came out. This appeared with no pain or discomfort. I only noticed it because I looked directly into the toilet bowl.

Some background
- This wasn't my first urination of the day - it occurred in the early afternoon after drinking coffee and eating a breakfast sandwich.
- This only occurred once. Immediately following this I chugged two 16 oz glasses of water and urinated throughout the day without any sign of discharge. No discharge the day after whatsoever. Now, midway through the third day following the appearance, there is no sign of discharge. No stains spotted on underwear at any time.
- It occurred two days after having brief unprotected genital-to-genital contact with a male hookup (frottage). No penetration occurred and the frottage itself was brief, perhaps lasting a minute. He came on my chest, but no fluids seemed to come into contact with my penis.
- I started a prescription of valtrex about one week ago for genital herpes and I take a blood pressure medication regularly. No other prescriptions or supplements. I successfully completed treatment for Hepatitis C over 4 months ago (Harvoni...just had liver fibrosis test post tx and in good shape there). The bloodwork was done prior to starting valtrex. No other known health problems other than high blood pressure and genital herpes.
- Incidentally, I had full bloodwork done a week or so previous to this happening, and all kidney and organ functions/blood levels were totally normal.
- Normal urination and ejaculations after discharge, no pain or unusual sensations in genitals.

Based on the information I've provided, do you think this was a one-time freak discharge, or does it seem like an STD? How freaked out about this should I be? Again it only happened once, no pain or discomfort, but it was still unusual enough... What are the chances that it's an STD versus something else?

I've read that some discharges like this could be linked to poor kidney function (which perhaps might be caused by the valtrex?), prior to kidney stones, or simply excess semen... could it be something like that?

Any help or insights you could provide would be helpful!
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