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White patch on side of penis

So for about 2 months going on 3 i noticed some discoloration on the side of my penis. It’s a white patch. My foreskin feels tighter to pull back and my size and erection has been affected by it. When I retract my full skin back the top is thicker than the bottom of my penis. Almost like if a rubber band was wrapped around the bottom of it. Not sure what caused it. Any advice or think it might be?
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It could be Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans (BXO) aka Lichen Sclerosus Photos (LS). I have it and it's not fun. See a urologist without delay.
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You should get this checked out by your doctor but it could be lichen sclerosis.  This causes white patches on the penis. Are you circumcised? More common in uncircumcised men.  If that's what it is, your doctor will likely prescribe a steroid cream to apply to the area.  There's also something called fordyce spots that can be along the shaft and are yellow or white.  These are common and harmless.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/256918
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No I’m uncut.
So I was checked last Friday. Dr gave me labs to take and also gave me antibiotics for 5 days. He is also having me rub anti fungal cream on the area. Will see how it goes.
What diagnosis did he give you? It sounds as if he isn't sure?
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This could be an infection called balanitis. If it's causing problems retracting your foreskin and affecting your erection, it's definitely time to see a doctor about it. It could cause something called phimosis, which is the inability to retract your foreskin at all, which might require surgery. Go now, so this can be treated with a cream instead.

Balanitis can be caused by either a fungus or bacteria, so don't try to treat it yourself. If you use the wrong kind of treatment, you could make it a lot worse.

It's not as common, but it could also be lichen sclerosus, which also needs a doctor to treat it.

None of this is sexually transmitted, if that's a concern.

It's very common, and easily treated if you get to a doctor now. Let us know what happens.
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Thank you. Will contact my doctor today.
Good to hear. Let us know how it goes.
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