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White patches on glans from masturbation (?)

I have a lot to share about this so bare with me please.

So a few months ago, about 6 or 7, I noticed that the left and right side of my glans, a small spot on top between the two sides and the right side of my foreskin (I am circumcised) had faded patches of white skin as if it was rubbed away or lost pigmentation.

From 13 to 22 years old I would use friction whenever I masturbated. I'd use a blanket or something, wrap it around my penis and go at it.

I never noticed any sort of friction burns or any skin damage in the ~10 years of near daily masturbation using this technique. Not until ~7 months ago.

I am almost 100% sure that the faded skin is from the masturbation technique because the spots are exactly where the most pressure was placed.

Now there's barely any pain, the skin just seems very sensitive. If it's too cold or it rubs against my pants, it'll start burning slightly. I can't have sex or do anything that causes friction because parts of the white patches will turn red and sting.

I have been tested for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea and came back negative. I highly doubt that it's a different STD because I've spent hours studying and researching photos of various infections and nothing looks like what I have.

It hasn't gotten any worse since I initially noticed it months ago so that's another reason I don't think it's an infection. I think it's healing slowly or not at all and I have a few hypotheses.

First of all, I started my new security job a month or two before the patches appeared. At this job I basically sit for 9 hours straight, including the commute. At home I'm not very active due to getting off of work at 5am (nothing to do at that time so I play video games and sit for the rest of my free time). I think this has led to poor blood circulation which means the skin on the glans can't repair itself.

My second thought is that, because I'm sitting a few feet from an AC unit at home and work, there is never any moisture in the air for the skin to absorb, causing it to be cold and dry and not heal.

I've taken a few precautions towards fixing this, without success. I've purchased Man 1 Man Oil and have been applying it diligently for a few weeks with no noticable visual improvement. I'll also use coconut oil at times. I'll usually wrap my penis in guaze wrap so it doesn't rub against my underwear or pants. I avoid using other soaps or anything when showering to avoid irritation. I use warm water to wash it off and I never scrub it or rub it dry. I make sure it's dry after a shower and I always wipe my urethra after urinating. I have started exercising, walking around at work and taking fish oil supplements for better blood circulation. It has been a few days since I started the last part so I won't know if it works or not for a while.

My next step is to try antifungal cream, though it really doesn't look like a fungal infection based on the images I studied.

I'm attaching a link to some pictures if that would help; http://imgur.com/a/rLSCBrp
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Do you have any update on this??
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Sort of. I went to a dermatologist today and he told me it doesn't look malignant or serious or anything. He told me it looks like Balanitis, which is just a blanket term for irritation. He said it could be from friction or it could be from exposure to bacteria during sex with my girlfriend (women can have increased levels of yeast and pass the bacteria to you). My girlfriend and I had a threesome as well, so that's even more likely.

But anyway, he prescribed me Ketoconazole 2% and Triamcinolone. 1% as well as Fluconazole tablets. He instructed me to come back in one month so if you get back to me then I can let you know my results.
Yeah definitely do an update on this it seems I am kinda going through the same but it’s mostly on my foreskin
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