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White spots on left side of penis and darker skin after penis pump use

Been using a penis pump for a while and after a few sessions I noticed that the left side of my penis has some white spots, they're not bumbs but under the skin pretty much, penis skin in general has also become a lot darker, should I be worried and can I fix it? (virgin by the way)
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Without knowing what is causing the discoloration - irritation vs injury or something unrelated to the penis pump - it's hard to say anything about the fix. You really should be seeing a doctor about this.

Stop using the pump and see if that helps. If you don't see improvement quickly, see your doctor.

If you are using it for penis enlargement, you should know they don't work to do that, no matter what they promise. They really only provide temporary relief for erectile dysfunction. If you are young and have ED, you really should see your doctor, as that can indicate a more serious problem, like heart disease.

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It's not irritated in anyway, and it's not for Ed either, but thank you for the concern, I just don't think it looks attractive
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