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White spots on penis, are they harmless or do I have to do something about them?

Hello, I am a healthy 23 years old male and about 1-1.5 years ago some white spots started appearing around the head of my penis, on the foreskin and on the actual head, but I ignored it thinking it's probably pearly penile papules, but lately, I'm getting itches when I pull the foreskin. Actual photo of them in the following link: https://imgur.com/hTWp4vS . I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me what this is and possibly treatments. Thank you in advance.
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That looks like yeast infection. Candida growth. Have u tried female type monastat? They can be pricey but u can get cheaper ,7 day kind since ur only applying it at night. Do it before bed so u don't have to pee or whatnot. there is a pill that is a miracle but that's when its bad and internal. Urs seems topical and contained to small area. Hope it helps. Many people have hpv. I had pre cancer cells removed from them but they are hard and have roots in middle. Like a hard core. The pic didn't seem like that or herpe so yeast or skin condition or bacteria is really all it can be. I'm not a Dr but always wanted to be so I study my stuff. I have seen every skin condition the web offers so that being my credentials   lol. Good luck.
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I think you're right, read about it and it seems like everything applies to what I've got. Thanks a lot for replying, you're very well informed!
Ah finally someone in this life listens to me. Lol. But really no one ever does. Some stubborn people but I hope its better. They can be a real come and go thing. Some people are sensitive to them. I use to get them every time I took an antibiotic...then they stopped. Like allergies with 7 years. Who knows what's after that stretch. So keep it in mind when ur arm pit itches or u get a painful hidden lip bump. Grab that ladies yeast cream and gone in a day...sooner u catch it, the better.  Worry about worse after that option. ingrown hairs and scary lil painful buggers too btw. Think it's a tumor. Ehhh
well, it would make sense that it works.  Easier to treat OTC than run to the doctor when you know the signs and symptoms of yeast, that's for sure (cheaper too).  I would say that something I've heard does help when you take antibiotics is to take a PRObiotic with it.  That this can help the flora situation that leads to yeast overgrowth.
Yes I am just staring to do probiotic thing myself...u a little younger then me so you might always remember them being around but no one ever heard, or maybe didn't share, about them in like early 90s. Jaime Lee curtis did an activia commercials about gut health and then people stared to say it was probiotics.
No, it had nothing to do with her.  Practitioners of natural medicine have always known this.  I managed health food stores for many years, and chronic yeast problems were common.  Docs made them chronic with their fungicides, including that lady's cream you're talking about.  It's just a weak antibiotic, and it can make a simple problem chronic.  Natural treatments don't always work, and sometimes we do need the stronger stuff, but if you do go down that route you then have to change what you eat and how you live to deal with the effects of those stronger treatments.  It's not easy.  Probiotics help, if they're good ones, kept refrigerated so they're actually hibernating and not dead, and you feed them with prebiotic foods and don't feed the yeast with sugar and alcohol and the like.  It's a very hard problem to deal with once it gets to be chronic, but it can be done.  Peace.
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That's not pearly penile papules. A good image of those is here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hirsuties_coronae_glandis (Yes, it's a wiki article but the image is good.)

I can't diagnose you, but that looks more like lichen sclerosus -



Itching is a common symptom of that.

If you think that's what it is, you need to see a doctor. Don't try to self-treat that. You could make it a lot worse.

Is there a smell? Can you remove the spots with gentle washing? It could be smegma. One thing we hear a lot of here is that no one has taught men with foreskins how to care for it. You may already know this, but in case you don't -



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Thank  you for your reply, but it's most likely neither of those, looks to be yeast infection, candida growth as per envy6454's comment.

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