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White spots on penis glans

Before a few months I had got one white spot on my penis glans. In the last month or two I got the other two on the corona of penis glans (or how it's called the ring between glans and penis).
It looks like white, dry and it looks like a wound. It doesn't hurt me, only I was feeling a little pain when squeezing the one on the "corona". There are no other symptoms.
I think it's from a massive masturbation (in the days when it showed up I was masturbating quite a lot almost every day about three times). I never had sex before the first one showed. If anybody have this problem please help me and tell me what it is, does it have a consequences, is it a disease and how to treat it and remove it because I feel embarrassing just by looking it. BTW. I never stop masturbating for more than 2 days. Help me please with this one. I'll appreciate it a lot.

Thanks in advance...

P.S. If you can help me, I can show you pictures if you're comfortable with looking it. And another thing, I'm circumcised.
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