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Why I have rashes on my penis? It's freaking me out please help!

It's kind of embarrassing but it started with today's masturbation there wasn't any lubricant wasn't around and I was in bathroom so I took shampoo instead and untill it was complete my penis start itching and when I saw there were Red rashes on my penis I kinda freaked out and washed it with lukewarm water immediately. But it still itches and I'm kinda freaked out right now. Please HELP!
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Have no idea what was in your shampoo.  Some are pretty natural and some are loaded with chemicals you might be allergic to.  I have to also say, not sure why you'd need lubricant to do that, I know some like it that way but unless you're very rough with yourself it isn't a necessity.  If it's that bad go see your doctor, if it doesn't look that bad and is just irritated, I assume it will go away.  But nobody who isn't versed on rashes can tell you what it is.  I'm not trying to make any comments on here other than I'm pretty old now so I've had a lot of sexual experience with others and with myself and I've never used lubricant and don't really know why it would be necessary to use unless again you're either doing it compulsively or doing it too hard.  But to each his own.  
No, I don't do it too hard it's just lubes makes it more sensual, at least for me it does and no it's not too bad, it's just I don't usually get rashes on it and that shampoo is for hairs and it's one of those shampoos which when applied on hairs gives you a cold feeling (I may not be able to describe it properly). This is the first time I used this shampoo. BTW thanks
Yeah, lots of guys like lubes - no big deal there.

The thing that makes it tingle on your head might be menthol or Tea Tree Oil. Both could be really irritating to your penis, plus any other ingredient in it, like perfumes or dyes. It sounds like it might be an allergic reaction, or a really strong sensitivity, or just a product that isn't meant to be used on your penis. You're better off using soap than shampoo for lube, probably (which doesn't help you at all right now, does it?).

For now, I wouldn't try too much on it because you don't want to irritate it further. If you can safely take Benedryl, and don't need to stay awake, try that. You can try an ice pack on the area, but wrap the ice pack in a towel first, don't apply that directly to the skin. Keep that on for no longer than 20 minutes at a time, and leave it off for at least 20 minutes. If you have a bag of frozen veggies, that will work, too, but some foods can't be eaten after being defrosted, so keep that in mind.

If your penis starts to swell, get to a doctor.

Hope you feel better. :)

Thanks for your advice but it's much better than yesterday. I think it's allergic reaction that may go in few days.
Glad to hear it. :)
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