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Why are (most) shots given at the deltoid?

Muscles have cells and blood supplies.  So deltoids, biceps and triceps should all be good target for shots. But only deltoids are preferred. Why? Comfort?
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I learned to NEVER question the nurse. ha ha.  Muscles are a great place for injections for a number of reason from blood supply to the specific cells within and how the contents of the injection will be dispersed. The deltoid is one muscle they use most because to be honest, it's probably easiest to jab.  It just sits there waiting . . .  I also think the idea of an injection into my tricep?  They don't want to hear us screaming. I get pinched in that area and I swear it hurts more than other parts of my arm.
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I would think also that given the lingering pain some people get from shots the biceps in particular could lead to something like biceps tendonitis.  And believe me, you don't want that.  The deltoid is kind of out of the way, I think, in that even when it's sore it doesn't really get in the way of doing anything.  Not so for the other two you mention.  Of course, the buttocks is a very common place for shots as well, probably because the cushioning there might make any pain not so bad.  Don't really know, just guessing, but probably it's just that the deltoid requires no great effort to get to.
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I tried to look up some reasons, but the only reason I could find is the deltoid muscle has been used in clinical settings due to the fact it is easy for clinicians to administer injections at this site and for patients to expose it. I imagine that maybe it is more comfortable for the patient as well, I just don't know.
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