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Why are my AST and ALT levels mildly elevated ?

I am 39 years old. I had a mildly elevated AST and ALT level during a non fasting blood test in January of 2018. I repeated the non fasting liver blood tests 30 days later and they came back normal. They also tested my Ferritin level during the repeat test.  It came back high. Shortly after I then took another blood test for hemochromatosis and hepatitis . The hepatitis tests came back negative. The result of the hemochromatosis test was that I’m a genetic carrier of the disease but that it was unlikely it would ever effect my health and the only thing I could do was avoid taking iron pills. They also said if I were to have children to have my partner checked for the disease because our kids could possibly become sick. Shortly thereafter in March of 2018 I was given a full range of iron blood tests which all came back normal except for the Ferritin that remained high. In August of 2018 I took liver blood tests this time a fasting one that came back normal. In October of 2018 I had a non fasting blood test which included the liver tests and they came back normal. Then in February of 2019 I had a fasting liver blood test and my AST and ALT levels came back mildly elevated again. My doctor sent me for a sonogram of my abdomen which came back normal. He then suggested I cut back on alcohol and repeat a non fasting liver blood test in 3 months. A month later in March of 2019 I called the doctors office and expressed concern that being I’m a genetic carrier of hemochromatosis I’m concerned that my iron levels have not been checked for about a year. The doctor then agreed to check them. That alarmed me that I had to request the test without him first advising me to have it checked. When I asked the nurse about it she replied with it’s not an emergency situation. He then said as of today (4-8-19) to come back in two weeks for the iron blood tests. My questions are :
Why are my AST and ALT levels starting to become mildly elevated ?
Should my doctor be checking my iron levels more frequently because of the hemochromatosis ? (Without me having to request it ?) I have a co-worker with hemochromatosis and he has to have his blood drawn every three months because of iron overload. I understand there are different types of hemochromatosis but I am still unclear why he must get that blood draw done every three months and I don’t have to ?
Thank you.
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I can see why you are confused.  And it's a lot of 'slightly elevated and then back to normal and then elevated again'.  Does seem like your body is trying to tell you something. https://www.mayoclinic.org/symptoms/elevated-liver-enzymes/basics/definition/sym-20050830

But I'm really not sure what. There are many reasons for the elevation of liver enzymes. Some are no big deal and others are more serious.  I would consider a specialist at this point especially if you aren't trusting your doctor.
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