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Why do I have small white spots on the tip of my penis?

I have a few small white spots on the tip of my foreskin, and one on the penis itself. I also have an extremely mild pain for a few minutes at a time throughout the day at the tip. I had one white spot a few years ago, and one more a year after that, one more a year after that, and one on the penis itself the year after that (this year).

I do not know if it's because I used to masturbate roughly without lubricant earlier, or if I have contacted some disease. I have never had sexual contact.
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If you've never had any kind of sexual contact, including oral sex, it can't be an STD.

It could be a fungal infection, pearly penile papules (google those - it doesn't sound like what you have, but check it out anyway, just in case), or balanitis.


You'll need to see your doctor to figure out what it is, and to determine the correct course of treatment. Balanitis has a few different causes - it could be bacterial in nature, or fungal, and those are very different treatments.

I'm assuming you can't wash these spots away. If you can, it's usually smegma.

Let us know what the doctor says.
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