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Why do I sweat so much, and why am I always so hot?

I'm a 21 year old student at University. For the last few years I've had a major problem with sweat and heat. I am in good shape, but don't exercise a lot. I don't smoke, but being a student I often drink (not so much during the summer holidays).

My problem started a few years ago in college. It could be the coldest day of the year, but still I would sweat loads under my arms, and get wet patches (Gross I know!) Over the last few years it has just gotten worse and is now not just my armpits that sweat. The problem is mainly from my waist upward. Even on a cold day, a 5 minute walk will have me dripping with sweat. Mainly all over my back, under my arms and my face. You can imagine how frustrating this is as a student, going out to clubs etc with friends in hot environments. It has gotten so bad now that I sometimes come home early because I feel so gross. I have no trouble getting women, but when It comes to sex, once again i just seem to melt. I am ALWAYS hot, even when friends are cold. The sweat begins and that makes me more frustrated, which leads to more sweat! I don't sweat on my arms, legs or hands. Its just my face, armpits and back.

I'm pretty sure I have Hyperhidrosis (If you don't know what that is you won't be able to help with my question, but thanks anyway :)) I have tried products such as Driclure and Maxim which are Aluminium chloride rich anti persperants and designed for under the arms. The result is good and after 2-3 days the sweating is much less and I only need to apply it every 3 days or so. However, it is incredibly pain full, and itchy and has caused many sleepless nights. It also causes my skin under my arm to get a small red rash and go very sore. For this reason I do not want to keep using products like this and definitely don't want to put it anywhere else on my body. I've tried every other brand of deodorant, and have even tried spraying that on my back etc but it does nothing. :(

What can I do to keep myself cool? How can I stop my self sweating so much? I usually wear shorts and t shirts, but is there any medication for this problem? Any home remedies? Foods I can eat / avoid? Creams? ANYTHING

I used to work out a lot but now can't even go to the gym as my problem is so embarrassing. I have a treadmill at home, and after a few miles running I actually look like I've just stepped out of the shower!

With the summer in its prime, PLEASE help me!
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