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Why does it take my husband a long time to ***?

Hi, my husband and I have been together for three years and we have a great marriage but our biggest problem is our sex life. We have a son who is 7mo old and so we really don't have a lot of time to have sex(only when the baby is napping or at night) this wouldn't be a problem except that he takes a minimum of 40min to *** but he can go for hours on end. I, on the other hand, am done after about 20 minutes. I know he is still attracted to me because all I have to do is flash him my boob to make him hard, and he doesn't masturbate(I know its odd) so whats going on? I've only had sex with one other guy and he would *** in like 5 minutes which wasn't great but it is just drastically different for me. My question is how can I make him *** faster? Or what is going on?
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You could ask what kinds of stuff he likes sexually.  The advice columnist Sugar said her husband was under the misimpression she liked to be spanked, and when she told him (after putting up with it a few times) that in fact it didn't do anything for her, he said, "Oh.  Okay, what does?"  If you can get into that kind of conversation with him, not when he's under pressure, not when the baby is going down for a nap right now, not when you've been going at it for 40 minutes, but at some less fraught time, you might be able to get some fantasy out of him that he hasn't mentioned before, so you can do it with him.  It's also true that a guy does not have to orgasm every time he has sex, though I'm sure he would probably not mind if he did.  

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Also, is he on any medications?  Some are notorious for reducing libido, or for making it take a lot longer to come to climax.
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I know what his fantasies are and we do them but still. And no, no meds at all. Recently he has started to not be able to ejaculate even after an hour. I try different things but he just stops because he gets so tired trying to.
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Google kegel exercise. Learn it and do it while doing intercourse. This will compress his penis tighter and he will have different sensation, culminating in quicker ejacuation.
Kegel exercise has many benefits for man and woman. If he kegels  during intercourse, movement of penis will be vertical, giving you different sensation. Worth trying!.
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I already do that. I've been doing that from the start. Plus he tells me that when I tighten he doesn't like that feeling as much as when I feel big and slippery because he says that makes him think I'm excited. Idk why but that's what he says and how he responds when I do things like that.
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