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Why does my penis tip feel like it’s infected but all tests are negative?

Hello. I’ve had a pain in my penis tip intermittently for about 6 months and mild burning while urinating. The Pain is from dull to shooting nerve type pain and seems to happen whenever. I saw a urologist who said this was definitely prostatitis and gave me antibiotics for a week, but the pain never went away. I went for a follow up and the urologist said he’s running out of ideas on what it can be. Since then, my stress levels have gone up and my back and hips have become stiff, especially on my right side. I’m thinking this is due to stress, but now I’m concerned an infection has spread. I have not had any typical infections symptoms like a fever, sweating. None of that. Just pelvic pain, some rectum pain similar to the shooting pain in my penis, and the penis pain itself. What should I do next? It feels like something is in my urethra potentially causing nerve pain, but it feels specifically like it’s in my penis, and not a nerve root issue coming from my lumbar.

All STD and urine tests are clean. I’ve had several of each in the last 6 months

I was surprised when my urologist was out of ideas so quickly. He thought one of my testicles was firm, so I went to get a sonogram and it came back negative. He seemed surprised by that so he is sending me again for another in December, but he made it seem like that issue and my symptoms are not related, and the penis pain doesn’t seem related to testicular cancer/tumor issues.

Thank you for advice or input.
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You've talked to a doctor and they give you no reason for the sensations you are having on your penis tip? That's annoying isn't it??  I would take it as good news that nothing has been found.  This means it could be something your anxiety is also making worse. When I'm worried about something, I think about it and it starts hurting, cramping, twitching, you name it.  I am blown away by how our own brain does that to us!  Is there any way you are hyper focusing on it and then feeling the things you feel?  Does it ever go away say when you are really busy and don't have time to think about it?  Not insulting you to suggest it isn't really there . . . but know from experience my own anxiety and fear can make something feel worse and more prevalent.  I would have guessed balanitis which is pretty common but you usually see the redness with that.  

I'd track when you feel it most and ya, follow up with your doctor.  Sometimes being a pain in the butt gets them to dig deeper if you really feel more is going on there.
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