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Why is my foreskin inflamed?

I’ve had a localized inflammation on my foreskin now for about 8 months. It comes and goes, leaving redness. When it is least present I still feel a slight sensibility in the area. When it is present, there is no topical pain, but there is itchiness and general discomfort. It all began as a tiny rash that was shiny and slightly darker than the skin around. I had sex with a new partner during that time- I’m unsure if it resulted as trauma or was transmitted. The inflammation seems to dissipate for a few weeks but never fully goes away. I’ve tried steroid lotions but they’ve been unsuccessful- in fact I feel like they add to the irritation. Another symptom is peripheral neuropathy (the worst symptom of all) that caused acute pain in my lower stomach and could b felt down my leg, and inside my penis. I’ve taken vitamins b12 and D, which reduced the neuropathy almost completely- thank god.
I’ve considered many possibilities. It comes and goes like herpes, but rapidly (acute inflammatory symptoms last 3/4 days) then it will get a lot better and return again a week or 2 later. This cycle repeats itself. There is no topical pain, and there are no blisters. I’ve been to a few doctors and they have discarded herpes as the visual symptoms don’t match at all. Some doctors said I didn’t have anything because they could see nothing, even though I feel there’s something there and there’s a slight itch and redness. I got tested for herpes I and II and nothing, both negative. I considered an allergic reaction but recurrences are not linked to anything I’ve been ingesting- no drugs or specific foods.  Could it be bacterial Balanitis/postitis? I’ve treated it with an anti fungal pill and cream, to no avail- so I know it’s not fungus. This is really affecting my quality of life. If it was a bacterial infection wouldn’t it have puss or discharge? It seems to be stabilized (even though it comes in waves), as it hasn’t progressed or spread to other areas of the foreskin or penis. Any insights? Thanks in advance guys.
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Are you washing out your foreskin with soap?  If you are, then you may be drying the oil out of the mucosa and causing dermatitis.  Stop washing with soap and cut back your washing of your foreskin to once a week.
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Inflammation of the foreskin is called posthitis.

There are many possible causes.  One needs to diagnose the cause before starting treatment.
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