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Will my penis become any bigger?

I am currently 15 years old, 2 months till 16. I was very late with my puberty. I started noticing arm hair, pubic hair and I started growing. As I am in 10th grade now, other boys start to talk about penis sizes. Compared to mine they are all very big (at least the sizes that I hear from them). I am currently growing a lot, and I had a health check at school lately, that showed that I grew 12 centimeters in a year. However, I haven't been noticing many changes in my penis/scrotum size. I do not have an adams apple, not any visible leg hair (I mean I do have leg hair, but it isn't very noticeable), my voice hasn't changed I believe. I do have hair in my pubic region (not extremely much but it is visible). I have arm pit hair and I am starting to get pimples. I this point I do not really have a clue at what "stage" of puberty I am and if it is going to end soon. Oh and btw, I shave my mustache (like once a month), not my beard. I am just worried about the size of my penis because I seem to have the smallest one compared to all of my friends. Also, I started ejaculating sperm about 7 months ago.

Currently my penis size is 4.7 inches long, and girth is 3.5 inches. I am not necessarily worried about the length, but also the girth...
Question: Is my penis going to get much bigger? I hit puberty about 6 months ago and I haven't noticed many differences.  
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Hi from what you have told us it seem's you have been a late Bloomer , Please don't worry as you will catch up to your Mate's soon ,
Your Penis Will grow some more Try and Chill , It all take's time , Please take care & Enjoy your Teen's ,
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I agree with bobdylan, there is more to come for you.  But also, please don't base your opinion of what the ladies like by listening to teenage males talk about their genitals.  If I had the choice to stay in a lifeboat after my ship sunk or get onto a rescue boat full of teenage boys spouting their so-called knowledge about ANYTHING, I would stay in my lifeboat.  Even if your penis stayed exactly the size it is, it is what you do with it, and how much you love your woman, that counts, not your dimensions as compared to a mythological size only seen usually in porn stars.  
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4.7 inches size is in normal range. Comparing your size with other will be wrong. when you look at other's, you see from a horizontal level, and when you see yours, you are seeing from above. This different angles make the wrong impression.
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