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Worried about penis 'scar'

Hey people. Im really worried about a mark on the underneath side of my penis. It looks like a scar.

It runs from the bit where ur foreskin is attached to your penis, (near the top), down to the bottom of my penis and just fades. Im really really scared, you have no idea, and if this is not normal (i dont know if other people have it or not) then i am to scared to ever have oral sex with anyone.

Im not sure if i can give a link to a picture, so ill just ask if this is normal or not.

Is it? Its very thin.
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Totally normal and it's not a scar. It actually dates from early fetal development; up until about 7 weeks, male and female genitals look alike. Testosterone causes the scrotum/penis to grow together and fuse, and the resulting seam is called the perineal raphe. Every guy has one :-)
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a penis guru as well? i love it!
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Thanks alot monkey flower :D

Maturely answered too. Cheers. That means everythings normal! Yes!

i have a question. You know the foreskin is attached to the penis near the top, wouldnt it be much more logical if it wasnt? That would mean the foresking would be able to  move up and down more freely, you know?

Strange embarrassing question i was just wondering about...
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i am so sorry if you thought that was directed at you unknown.see monkeyflower is known as a coochie guru lol. it was meant for her i just have a problem with placing who it is too.
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No problem
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i dunno if monkeyflower is reffering to the same line as unknown.
I Seem to have the same line that unknown is talking about,on the underneath of my penis, and its a skin problem. I cant imagine every guy having it or it being natural......its very thin and it doesnt run all the way to my anus. Also i would like to ask about the reliability of  you advice, do you have a respected source of information?
Im trying to make sure ......
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I think there are variations among men just as vaginas vary among women.

And by the way, if the line is on the underside of your penis then it cannot be called a perineal raphe.  I would be a PENILE raphe.  Raphe is the division of two (even though not perfect) symmetrical body parts.

Some men might have a raphe that extends from the penis to the anus--the perineum is the area between.

Some might just have a raphe where you have one-others may not. You can even have a scrotal raphe; I've seen my husband's.

I don't think you have to worry about being abnormal--

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See how all the parts interconnect, penis, scrotum, perineum, anus--each has its own location.

Monkey probably just read perineal raphe and didn't see that it is CONTINUOUS with--not actually is...

raphe /ra·phe/ (ra´fe) pl. ra´phae   a seam; the line of union of the halves of various symmetrical parts.

raphe of penis  a narrow dark streak or ridge continuous posteriorly with the raphe of scrotum and extending forward along the midline on the underside of the penis.
perineal raphe  a ridge along the median line of the perineum that runs forward from the anus; in the male, it is continuous with the raphe of scrotum.
raphe of scrotum  a ridge along the surface of the scrotum in the median line, continuous with the perineal raphe and the raphe of penis.

Dorland's Medical Dictionary for Health Consumers. © 2007 by Saunders, an imprint of Elsevier, Inc. All rights reserved.

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may i ask u george what skin problem it is exactly that gives u your "scar"?
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is it normal to have this scar thing from the top of the penis all the way down through the ball sack to the anus?
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