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Yeast Infection

I wrote on these forums yesterday regarding an STD scare, but at this point I'm going to say what I'm going through is just a coincidence yeast problem. In the past I had balanitis and pretty much this resembles everything I went through before.

Do you think the events I went through triggered it? I was drinking about 1-2 tall cans of cherry pepsi the past week or so, went to the gym regularly and would sometimes get wet on my bottoms, as well as an unprotected blowjob the past weekend.

The most I can is that my thighs are scaly as hell, and my penis is shiny red. I have cortisone at home that I've been putting underneath my armpits due to having a rash there. I haven't really drinking water either due to this caffeine crave I've gone through. Its just wild to me that it hit me all at once after this weekend.

Also shoutout to AuntJessi for helping me stay calm during all of this.
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Wow, why would you use cortisone regularly?  The rash is probably from sweating.  Do you shower regularly?  Using some corn starch there to prevent the sweating that is probably causing your problem in the armpits might save you some problems, as cortisone can cause a lot of problems.  Mainly, at least in this post, you don't say why you think you have a yeast infection.  Not to say it never happens, but men don't usually get them.  I have no idea what's going on with you, apparently there are other posts, but not drinking water and using a ton of sugar like that can cause problems.  If you work out hard at the gym, you sweat, and you should shower afterwards.  Gyms also can be sources of infections, though not yeast, but other fungal infections from sitting on equipment someone else just sat on.  Haven't been to one myself since covid, but to each their own.  Anyway, you haven't described anything that would indicate a yeast infection, so post more info so you can get an informed answer.
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Actually the only time I drank water was at the gym. Through out the days I was drinking cherry pepsi and some other fruity drinks that had tons of sugar in it. The weekend prior I was drinking a lot more as well + soda combination. The armpit itching began after I shaved + started using a new deodorant, so I dropped the deodorant and was still dealing with a rash/itch.

Fast forward 3 weeks later, my thighs have a red look to them and is peeling/scaley whiteness. Penis is shiny and red, doesn't itch unless I rub it + it is irritated.
I shower at my house after the gym or sometimes I can't get to a shower for like an hour or so. So it varies. I've heard that overcleaning in the bathroom aka releasing the bowels can cause a way of getting fungal. (I had my gallbladder taken out, so my stools are wild).
Tried to edit it in, but even my buttcheeks feel like their itchy or irritated, again no pain or any of that just a frequent itchiness.
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Is this just not an extension of the question you already asked and had lengthy answers for?
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A really easy thing to do is to go to the doctor. Don't self treat and get a professional to look at it.  Urgent care this weekend would work.
I think I was mistaking yeast infection with jock itch, since I assumed they were both the same thing.
Either way, get checked out.  This is likely an easy fix if you have a doctor's input or nurse practitioner. Otherwise, you can try the treatments that are otc that you apply https://www.healthline.com/health/jock-itch  That link that you can copy and paste into your browser walks you through it. But if you get worse or it doesn't get better, then the doctor is mandatory.
Yeah, I'm waiting until Tuesday to go in and see her. I just haven't really used any creams anywhere but on my pits due to the fact its pretty messed up if I try to experiment with them on my genitals from what I read
Just wondering, but why would you shave your armpits?  Even women shouldn't do that.  It makes the hair forever brittle whereas natural hair is soft.  The shaving in such as sensitive area probably caused some irritation.  As for the rest, if I had what you describe, as Guitar says, I'd be at the doctor ASAP.  Peace.
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