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Yeast infection or herpes?

So I have recently lost my virginity to my girlfriend about 7 months or so and sex has been wonderful since then, 2-3 months into our relationship she developed yeast infections then was later diagnosed for chlamydia, nurse said I must have given it to her. I recalled one moment in the past that this girl gave me a ******** about 2 years ago and nothing else and that was the only logical explanation. We both got treated and got rid of it.  Sex was still great until I got a cut on my frenulum and a week later she developed BV, this was about a month ago, she was treated and given medicine and we were told not to have sex while she was on the medication. We didn't listen but we used a condom. Days go by and I get these wierd pains on my penis and my pelvic area started to get inflamed on both sides. Then I noticed this unknown white substance going along the corona and neck of the glands kinda underneath my head (I'm uncircumcised if that makes a difference) anyway it got worse and I went to the emergency room. They checked me out and I told them what I wrote right now and the doctor is convinced that it is herpes. Herpes are more like white dots and red irritation but at the time it was just this white long thing going around the corona and neck, not fully around but it was on both sides. He gave me a single dosage of a yeast infection medication in the ER then prescribed me pills for herpes also he ripped off a piece of my penis for testing (yes it was really painful) . I have no clue where I could have gotten herpes. My girlfriend only had 3 sexual partners before me. But I would assume I would have gotten the herpes infection sooner and not this late, we never cheated on eachother. Also ever since I started the medication witch was 4 days ago I noticed that it kinda got worse. Almost spreading. Now there's lesions on my shaft, and on the intersection between my shaft and scrotum and it started goin up on my head and down underneath my foreskin. I am not convinced this is herpes.
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