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Young male, low/no sex drive

Hi I'm hoping that I can get an expert opinion. I've had low/no sex drive for the past 6 years.
- 25 year old male
- Eat a balanced diet
- exercise regularly

I finally convinced my doc to run full blood work. Is there anything here that could explain a low libido?

Glucose 3.8 3.3-6.0 MMOL/L
Creatine 82 60-127 UMOL/L

Cholesterol 3.72 Below 4.60 MMOL/L
Triglycerides 0.53 Target  1.29 MMOL/L
LDL 2.21         MMOL/L
CHOL/HDL Ration 2.93

TSH 0.89 0.30-5.60         MU/L
T4 Free 13.2 7.2-21.0         PMOL/L
Vitamin B12 187 >133 PMOL/L
Ferritin 80 25-200 UG/L
LH Serum         3.8 1.2-8.6 IU/L
FSH Serum 2.5 1.3-19.3         IU/L
Free Test         61.7 15.6-146         PMOL/L
Estradiol 80 0-172 PMOL/L
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Similar condition here. Which doctor did you go to? i feel shy to go to anyone.
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   By the way, I am not an expert, but with my limited information, needless to say that your lab results look alright for me.
However, I often see remarks  such as  one's T level need be in the upper one third of the range, ( which you are not meeting), even though, I am not sure how far it is true. By the way, what was your total T readings? you have mentioned only about the free T level, since such within-the-range free T can be there even from a low number of serum T if SHBG counts are less. Low SHBG on the other hand can indicate fatty liver and or insulin resistance. It can also increase the level of estrogen, which in your case is in the mid range. Well, these considerations may not be of any significance in your case, but I am looking at these possibilities since you are having symptoms of low T.

By the way, do you have an obese body, do you smoke or take alcohol ?, do you lead a stressful life?

Having done all these tests, may be you can also check your prolactin and adrenal  hormone levels. When you say balanced food, are you sure you are getting all micro nutrients  and protein as required from your daily food?


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@ galluer - I went to my family physican. I was lucky that I didn't have to do much convincing. All I can tell you is that you can't be shy about it and you have to be pushy. I was shy for years and looking back I regret it for not acting sooner.

@Solace - Thanks for your answer. I'm slim/athletic, don't smoke, drink moderate amounts of alcohol, and I have been consciously reducing the stress in my life.

Haven't had my total T, SHBG nor my prolactin levels tested, but I think it will be the next step.

I do believe that my food intake is solid; I cook, eat 8-10 servings of fruit and veggies, eat enough legumes etc. However I can't be certain that my macro-nutrient absorption is optimal. I'm actually experimenting with a gluten-free diet at the moment to see if that would have an effect as I have read that gluten intolerance (not necessarily Celiac disease) can cause low libido and wreak havoc on your body.

I also agree with you that my free T is low for someone my age.

I will keep pushing my doctor to eliminate any major factors: thyroid issues, pituitary gland issues etc.

I'm confident that I'll find an answer.


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