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am i infertile ?

hello there , i am 27 years old man 350lbs,single and decided to go into an making a family , so i deiced to make some random Analiese to know if i have any problems to get my future wife a baby of our own. here is my results of all Analiese :

Semen exam. & preoxidase Ref. range ------the pationt toke the simple on his own 4 days of saving .
Colour Grayish      ---------           white Greyish white
Blood  Absent       --------                Absent
Volume 2ml           --------                  1.5 -5.0
Reaction Alkaline /pH 8.0    --------    7.2-8.0
Viscosity Normal
Liquefaction time 20-25 min     ---------15-30
Total sperm count/ml -----------Few non-motile sperms were seen on scanning after centrifugation
Sperm count / Ejeculate ----
1st hour ----
2nd hour ----
3rd hour ----
Type of Motility
Rapid Progressive ----
Slow Progressive ----
Non Progressive ----
Immotile ----
Abnormal form ----
Type of abnormality ----
Agglutination Absent Absent
Peroxidase Test :-
Spermatogenic Cells/ml 300,000
W.B.C.s/ml 100,000 -----------<1mil./ml
R.B.C./H.P.F. 0 - 1 ----------- 0 - 3
Trichomonas Absent
Others Absent
Comments :
FSH ,LH ,testosterone and semen alpha glucosidase are suggested.

Prolactin          7.9    ng/ml           male average   2.1   -  17.7
testosterone       2.53   ng/ml        male average   2.41 -  8.27
free testosterone  14.00  pg/ml      male average   8.0   -  27.0


Haemoglobin 14.5 g/dl 13.5-18.0
Haematocrit 44.1 %

Red Cell Count5.07 mil/cmm 4.7-6.0

Red Cell Indices

MCV87.1 fL

MCH28.7 pg 27.0-31.0
MCHC32.9 g/dl 32.0-36.0
RDW 15.4 %

Leucocytic Count10,400 /cmm 4,000-10,500

Basophils0.7 % 73 /cmm 0-199/cmm
Eosinophils3.7 % 385 /cmm 0-499/cmm
Staff4.0 % 416
Segmented43.0 % 4472 /cmm 2,000-6,500/cmm
Lymphocytes42.5 % 4420 /cmm 1,500-3,500/cmm
Monocytes 6.1 % 635 /cmm 300-1,000/cmm
Others _

Platelet Count 280,000/cmm 140,000-440,000


Count is within normal limits for age and sex except for absolute lymphocytosis (all mature) .
Platelets are normal.Follow up CBC is recommended.

please can somebody help me with that ? am i infertile ? do i need serious help to make a child with woman ?
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  The flu prior to the testing would explain the high level of mature lymphocytes in the blood. Did you take any medications during the period for flu / or are you taking any other medications/drugs that might have a negative effect on spermatogenesis? You should explain all these details to your doctor.
It is said that Inhibin B test along with Anti-Mullerian Hormone test is a good index for spermatogenesis. Also FSH level is importat to know.
As I have already mentioned, there may not be any block in the path since the spermatic cells from testes are seen in the ejaculate. I feel, other questions are better answered by your doctor.

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Basically, it sounds like you have an infection, and the doctor is recommending you have a complete blood count (CBC) to find out why.  Some of the causes for a reading indicating absolute lymphosis are treatable infections, and one or two are worst-case-scenario illnesses.  Do not get panicked or borrow trouble, just go get a complete blood count and see what might be causing the reading.  An infection is not usually going to keep you from being able to produce a baby, unless it gives you scar tissue that blocks the passage for sperm, or it kills you.  Your odds of the latter aren't very high.  Get moving and get your CBC.  Good luck!

Here is from another site:

Causes of absolute lymphocytosis include:

    * acute viral infections, such as infectious mononucleosis, (glandular fever), hepatitis, and Cytomegalovirus infection
    * other acute infections such as pertussis
    * some protozoal infections, such as toxoplasmosis and American trypanosomiasis (Chagas disease)
    * chronic intracellular bacterial infections such as tuberculosis or brucellosis
    * Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
    * Acute lymphoblastic leukemia
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    It is good that you have got the testing done on your own initiative.

There seems to be some problem with the total absence of mature sperms in the ejaculate.Did you observe the four days' abstinence as mentioned in the report? The presence of  spermatogenic cells in the ejaculate suggests that the vas deferns, the sperm carrying ducts, are not blocked.You have also mentioned some pain in the testes in your previous post. Even though the WBC counts in the ejaculate is within normal, the high value of lymphocytes in the blood may point to some infection, which might have caused problems in the production of mature sperms.
Since you are planning to start a family, I would recommend you to go for further testing, and treatment if required, in a fertility clinic. For all that you know, your overweight may be the sole culprit.
All the best,
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thanks for reply every one , i would go tomorrow for Anti-Müllerian hormone test to be sure my testes are not failureing or some crazy event , do you think this is a good thing to be done ? i will visit a doctor also in next few days , the pain wich is not a pain by it means , its some how discomfort or strange feeling somewhere inside but not the testes it self , i have absolutely no problem with erection nor libido , i had a really bad flu like 10 days before i toke this semen test with a lot of coughing and pain in my throat . is that might be a case of that sperms count ? do you suggest i would have any block inside that block my sperms to go out ? one last thing do my result even like that would allows me to go for ivf or icsi if its 100% not effected by other factor ? thanks a lot for you fast replies .
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