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armpit sore , testicle dull pain, dizziness

Hi everyone.. i am a 33 year old male , had unprotected sex with a 19 year old female friend about 19 weeks ago. come to find out she was 3 months pregnant from another guy when we had intercourse. We had unprotected vagina, oral and anal intercourse. Never had Anal sex before  she was my 1 st. About 2 weeks after this encounter i developed a irritation on the tip of my penis, mainly inside the urethra opening, also experienced less urination and burning sensation while urinating. started to get worried at this point. Went to the docs he put me on Cipro as a early measure. recommended me to urologist. Cipro did the trick, but the same symptoms came back. took cipro again went away, then again the same symptoms came back but this time the back of my right testicle began to feel dull and achy. went to urologist finally he put me on cetrifaxone shot and azitromin treatment for gonorhea and chlamydia as a precaution while test were run. test came back neg for both . he said to take an early hiv test came back neg also at 1 month . urethral discomfort went away, but testicle pain persisted. went back to uro and said i may have epididimytis due to bacterial infetion that spread from my urethar recommeded doxy treatment. finally things seem like everything was clearing up. no testicle discomfort and the urethra discomfort was all but gone. this was about 2 months 2 weeks after risky sexual encounter. at about 3 months  started feeling weird itching on my penis. no fever , slight right testicle dullness very slight came and went, also felt malaise , felt irritable, and would have mild night sweats mostly on upper back. my armpits felt sore also, i was  urinating less, and urethra opening discomfort came back. itching was not centralized to one place it was all over my shaft it came and went from one spot to another.  itching was also not severe just and annoyance . at night i felt weird tingling on my scrotum. herpes came to mind, no sores though. also my groin felt like there was pressure there but only on right side same side i had my testicle discomfort. went back to urologist , said it was to early for a herpes test and i should take an hiv rapid test after 3 months. said it did not look like herpes at all, might be a skin irritation from all the antibiotics i had been taking.  did a rectal exam .. prostate was sligthly inflamed put me on cipro again for bacterial prostasis he said... the urethral discomfort at penis opening went away, itching decreased but..armpits still feel sore and my malaise has been less present though, before it would last for about 5 or 6 hours i would say, now only for 1 or 2 hours. at 16 weeks past the 3 month period took an hiv rapid test blood drawn from vein came back negative.. can my armpit pain be related to something else, anyone have bacterial prostasis that has felt armpit soreness? also groin pressure still present but off and on , mostly everything seems off and on. been on cipro for 2 weeks now, recomended a 28 day regime...i feel like cipro is taking too long to work.. anyone have been through bacterial protasis please advise with your experiences..
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Should i completely rule out HIV at this point, after taking rapid HIV test at 16 weeks?  
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sorry for not covering all my questions on my original post..can i rule out herpes also at this point? taking all this test is getting expensive, plus doc visits =(
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Because you still experience pressure down below, it is highly likely that your prostate gland is still enlarged.  You will need to get that checked out again by the urologist and you may require medication to reduce the enlarged prostate.  I presume that you have had blood tests taken with regard to the prostate issue.

Symptoms to watch for are having an urge to frequently urinate, but not being able to urinate properly.  

You still may have epididimytis and this can take a long time to settle.

You do not say if you have been tested for fungal problems and if not, I think it would be wise to do that.

Fungal problems can cause the symptoms that you described (not the enlarged prostate as far as I am aware).  Because you have also been on a long course of antibiotics, antibiotics destroy the good bacteria as well as the bad ones and this too can bring about fungal overgrowth.

It is not a wise thing to have anal penetration and vaginal penetration and especially without the use of protection.  The bacteria in the anal passage can be transmitted to the  vagina and by penetrating the both, you have very highly transmitted bacteria from the anal area to the vagina and have also exposed yourself to unfriendly bacteria.

A swab of the skin area and around your penis and groin will show up if you do have a fungal problem and which fungus/bacteria  it is.  There are antifungal creams and oral medications for fungal infections.  You can purchase some creams and oral medication for this (Fluconazole 100mg 1 single dose can be purchased without a prescription from the pharmacy).  

But I would suggest you get a skin swab taken and analysed.  The doctor can prescribe stronger antifungal medications and you may require a longer time on them.

It may also be a good idea to inform the girl to get herself checked out too as she may require treatment for any bacterial or fungal infections and yeasts even if she does not have any symptoms.   She may also be contaminating other people if she is having sexual encounters.

If you have a bacterial infection, it is likely that this is affecting the glands in your armpits.

Do check your armpits for any swollen glands and do tell the doctor about this too.  He may need to take a different blood test to identify a possible different problem.

You will probably already know that it is wise to use protection when having sex with someone.  If you are allergic to latex, there are latex free condoms available these days.

Hope you get sorted out soon.

Best wishes.

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Hi jemma116. Wanted to say thank you for you response. I am surely not allergic to latex just made the wrong decision at the time and i know i should of know better, than to engage in high risk sexual behavior.You know my urologist  now that i remember did mention that the itchiness around my penis could be a fungal infection and also the fact that i been on a long course of antibiotics like you mentioned. Will  be going back to urologist next month. I'm a bit confused though.. the  Urologist said my HIV rapid test at 16 (more than 3 months) weeks was conclusive negative 97% result while the counselor where i took the HIV test said i should retake it  after the 6 months period for 100% conclusive. I read on this board that after the 3 month period test are conclusive ..Just wanted to get your take on that..and again i thank you very much for you response.
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Make an appointment to see your doctor to get a swab test taken sooner than waiting a month to see your urologist.  Not sure if the urologist would treat skin problems and discharges and itchiness on your private area.  This is more a dermatology area.

It is highly likely that you have a fungal problem if you have been on antibiotics, but also you may have picked up a fungal infection from the sexual encounter.  

With regard to your question about the HIV tests, I do not have any knowledge about HIV, but would advise you to follow the advice of your urologist and the GUM clinic.

Hope you get sorted out soon.

Best wishes.

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Thank you again for you response greatly appreciated. One last question or comment maybe helps others out there not just myself. In regards to Herpes should i even be  worried about that or even considered it. I know it can asymptomatic. Also like i mentioned previously i tested negative for chlamydia, and gonorrhea. So in your opinion what other bacteria could of cause the prostate enlargement and or epididimytis.. Thank you again, I was referred to by my general doctor to a dermatologist, hoping it is a fungal problem and not something else.Once again Thank you ..
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